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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Abby's level 2 season

Abby's well into her second competitive gymnastics season now. She's had three meets so far. The first meet this season was amazing for her! She rocked it, especially with it being her first level 2 meet and the first meet of the season with all the jitters that it entails and came very close to scoring out with a 35.85 (needs a 36 to score out to the next level as soon as she had the skills needed to compete at that level.) 

Her second meet of the season she really did amazing on the first three rotations -  vault, beam, and bars and improved on all three of her scores from the previous meet. Floor didn't go as well though but she as always is just looking forward knowing what she needs to work on for next time. I'm always so impressed with her maturity in these cases instead of being bummed about not getting the score she wanted. 
Meet three of this season was a road trip and she and I were able to spend some quality time together on the road to Corpus Christi. The night before the meet she had a blister or "bubble" as she called it on her hand and it popped at bedtime. So it was nice that bars were first and she could get that one routine over with and ignore the stinging on her hand after that. 
 A teammate had an ice pack she used on her hand between her warm-up routine and her scored turn.

 Even with a rip in her hand she managed to do a decent bar routine, not her best personal best but still it looked like a nice routine to me.

She had a bobble on beam and fell off but I was proud she hopped back up and kept going. Then I think the heat in the building was starting to get to the girls even more because their poor little faces were looking quite pink at this point in the meet and it was a not her best floor routine either.  The mom in me thinks it was getting to the judges too and making them more nit picky than normal. ;)
 Abby didn't let it get to her though and did a very pretty vault to end the meet on a high note.
One more meet to go to finish out the compulsory season. One month to polish our floor routine arm placement and hopefully Abby can achieve her goal of scoring out! 

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