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Friday, May 01, 2015

teacher appreciation: ideas for ALL of your kids teachers!

It's that time of year. At our school the note for teacher appreciation doesn't even go home until the Friday before the week leaving you only the weekend to get it together if you weren't paying attention that it was coming soon. Our note should come home today but since I didn't want to wait for the themes for each day I went ahead and decide what to do and how to put it together and miss out on weekend family time, I put a few quick, budget friendly things together yesterday afternoon. Or maybe your school doesn't have themed days all week for teacher appreciation (or like me you kind of groan and wonder where they can up with the idea for one particular day because it's kinda silly and you don't  know what to do for it.)

Teacher appreciation can be overwhelming - you want to show your child's teacher that you appreciate the work they do day in and day out but then you get to thinking about it and there is your child's teacher, then there are all the specials teachers - art, p.e., music, computer. Then if you have a second child add in another teacher - or a whole different set of staff if they go to a different school. It can quickly spiral out of a budget friendly zone even if you are only giving small gifts as they add up if you want to include everyone. For me especially it can add up quickly as my son's birthday, Mother's day and teacher appreciation all seem to fall on the SAME week more often than not. 

So let's start with your child's main teacher. I went with a movie night theme. I found this cute bucket in the Target dollar spot that she can use for storage later in her classroom if she wants and used it to hold all the goodies. Inside are some of her favorite drinks, some candy, a package of popcorn and a card with a redbox code for a movie night at home with her family (or alone if she'd rather watch something her family doesn't want to see!)
For the specials teachers - I didn't know all their favorite drinks - you might though. So I wrapped up the popcorn and redbox code for them. These will also be easy to throw in my daughter's backpack for her to pass out to her teachers. The red box codes can be purchased here  - I purchased a promo code bundle, sent it to my own email and then wrote the codes down for each teacher on the card I made but there is also a link with each code to print them individually. 

My daughter's school usually has a whole week of themed days for teacher appreciation. One of which has usually been school supplies for their classroom. So I included the specials teachers again and added a cute saying tied around a dry erase marker for each of them. 

For some of the helping staff at my son's preschool, I saw these darling measuring spoons at Micheal's - bonus that they are the colors for the school. Of course I can't give them without a corny saying "It's hard to measure how much I appreciate you." 
These were all quick and easy to put together and won't break your budget either. Not that a Starbucks card or Sonic gift card wouldn't also be much appreciated (I usually save that for end of the year when things are crazy anyway and a gift card is quick and easy to pick up!) so this is something a little different so I'm not giving them the same thing at Christmas, teacher appreciation and end of the year. 

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