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Friday, May 08, 2015

Spring Baseball

What a difference a year can make! Micah played t-ball both fall and spring of the previous year but we skipped playing fall baseball last fall because while he would start the game interested, by the time he wasn't first to get the ball a few times when it was their turn in the field, he would lose interest and start pouting.
Micah had a blast playing basketball over the winter but they don't do boys basketball in the spring (or fall) so his basketball coach invited us all to play on the baseball team  he was coaching (pitch and tee this time!) so Micah has 4 other players from his basketball team on his baseball team and the same coach. I love that he gets to build his friendships playing with the same teammates. Not that Micah is shy at all - and wouldn't have trouble making friends but it's also nice for me to get to know the parents of his friends and one sports season goes by in a flash.

I think it also helps that his coach really knows what he's doing (he just also happens to be the sports director for the Y) and is really great at rotating the kids in the batting order and in their positions in the field so it's not a free for all with the same kid in the same spot getting the ball each time. They still all get to go on the field but there are more defined positions to play and it's not a free for all for the pitcher spot that gets the ball most frequently.
The pitcher spot did happen to be where Micah got to play first in their very first game so he started the season on a major high with getting to field lots of balls in his first inning! 
Batting is a learning process. They each get 6 pitches and if they don't get a hit, they can choose the tee or the coach gives them a choice of one more pitch but if they miss they are out. Most usually choose the tee when it gets to that point. Micah's gotten a couple hits but usually uses the tee still. 

I have no idea where he picked this up but last game on his second at bat, he came out to the plate and did the double tap on the base before getting ready to hit. He did it for every pitch too and had the parents laughing!

And he scores! They are supposed to play by the rules of actually getting out but most of the other coaches are parents and all don't want to play by that and the kids are still learning as far as fielding the ball and throwing it to first so everyone usually scores. 
The winner of the game = the team that has more players. So we won the last game 22 to 11.

High five from dad for a hit and a run scored!
Of course Dad also had to teach him his own favorite part of baseball - sunflower seeds. Which Micah called Dad over for some between innings. 
I just love a dugout full of little baseball players. I hope Micah will continue to like baseball because I enjoy watching baseball a lot more than basketball. We are also trying out summer swim league this summer too. Micah hasn't decided what he likes best yet so we'll continue switching around until he settles on something he is passionate about like Abby who loves her gymnastics! 

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