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Monday, May 11, 2015


Many might shy away from a waterpark with little ones but as a water lover myself, my littles take after me and love the water. As a former lifeguard, I feel comfortable with my littles near water as I've done my best to teach them safety around the water and how to swim (or make sure they are wearing a puddle jumper when near the pool.)  Even without that Schlitterbahn has a fully trained staff of lifeguards on guard at all times just in case. Which is why I'm so excited Schlitterbahn has invited us to come back and play again this summer.

When I think about Schlitterbahn, most of my memories are of all the thrill rides I went down with my youth group on a retreat where we spent a day having fun. I was really pleasantly surprised to see how family friendly to the little guys Schlitterbahn really is.  In addition to the big slides there are many areas with shallow water and small slides perfect for the little ones. In fact Abby and Micah didn't want to leave these areas last time we were there! Their favorite was the pirate ship in Kinderhaven in Blastenhoff - which was perfect as they could play under grandparent supervision while Beau and I went to ride the Dragon Blaster! (That's another tip - bring extra adults so you can split up and ride the big rides that the little ones can't do while someone still has an eye on the little ones!) 

In addition to play areas for the little guys - the best thing that I think really makes Schlitterbahn family friendly? You can bring your own ice chest into the park - pack it full of belly filling, healthy (or unhealthy - your choice!) food so when that question "can I have a snack" comes along you don't have to worry about where you'll get food, how much it will cost but you have all your littles favorites right there waiting for you on a picnic table. I know my littles get super hungry playing in the water and having a cooler packed of food beats having to find some place to stand in line every time they get hungry!

Now I can't wait to go back and see if the big two are ready to venture out of the little areas and try some of the bigger slides with me this year! This is totally going on this year's summer bucket list! We've got a busy summer lined up with Micah doing swim team and baseball, Abby has gymnastics practice most days of the week and I think all of our weekends between now and August have something booked on them so I'm so thrilled we have Schlitterbahn in our backyard for a day trip to have some fun! 

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