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Monday, May 11, 2015

Lucy's Doggie Daycare

Life wasn't crazy enough with three littles that last summer we added not one but two puppies to the mix. Sadness over losing our elderly dog, missing having a furry member of the family - especially for the littles that hadn't ever known not having a dog as part of our family and the fact that my babies aren't babies anymore lead to planning for one dog and another joining our family by showing up pretty much on our doorstep. One small lap dog like I've always wanted and another big dog for my husband who much prefers the bigger breeds.
While there are days that I definitely wouldn't recommend getting two puppies at nearly the same time, they've been quite the pair and are starting to settle down a tad as they are one and almost 1. They are definitely spoiled and treasured members of our family. I have even started pondering and worrying about who is going to take care of them if we travel during the holidays months away! We don't have any summer plans that will take us away from them but I know if we did I'd be trying to set up plans for them with someone to watch them or a place for them to stay where they would be happy while we were away. 

Last week I was invited to take a tour of Lucy's Doggie Daycare and see what all they could offer the furry members of the family and bathe the pups in their tubs. Lucy's provides daycare as well as boarding and grooming. The pups have two playtime sessions with a nap in the middle during the day. They have an inside shaded area along with an outside area that includes a pool. During the summer there are also large fans going to cool them off.  The play area is divided so there is a section for large dogs and a smaller one for small dogs. Both areas have at least one attendant out there with the dogs keeping an eye on all the pups. If you are ever curious what your pup is up to - you can view them over the webcams they have set up. (There are a few blind spots - like most of the outside of the small dog section - so if you can't spot your baby check back again as they are probably just hiding) 
Inside is where all the dog runs are. Each dog has their picture and all important care information on a sheet on a clipboard outside their run. Inside there beds and blankets for them and you can bring their own bedding, blankets if they are more comfortable with those. For the pups that are nervous about the daycare area (or if they not fixed), there are several single outside dog runs that they take turns in so they get time to play as well. Everything was clean and all the pups looked happy.
For the pups who are at daycare or boarding, you can add a bath or groom on so they are all fresh and clean when you pick them up (they will be done with play time after that so they stay clean until they are picked up.)  

Or you can choose to use the self-serve dog washing tubs and wash your pups at Lucy's and leave the mess for the staff to clean up instead of having to clean it up in your own house. The tubs raise and lower with a remote so no heavy lifting or hurting your back and knees bending over the tub or putting a heavy pup in the tub. Everything is provided for you - shampoo, conditioner, towels, ear cleaner and brushes. Oh and treats to reward your pup for behaving! You can also choose to add on a nail trim while you are there - which was fabulous because my fur babies are the biggest wimps when it comes to nail clipping. Seriously Rhett will start crying before you even get near his nail when I do it at home. At Lucy's though, it was over and done with without any puppies crying - though Diesel did try to run away from them and hide behind me.  

During the summer I really don't mind washing the pups at home because I can wash them outside in a baby pool and there isn't too much mess to clean up after but during the winter it's too cold to bathe them outside so I might consider using the self-service washing at that point and leave the mess for some else to clean up - and take advantage of the nail trims at the same time. 
 The tubs are plenty big enough even for the biggest of pups. Diesel had plenty of growing room in the big tub and he's already over 100lbs!
It was so nice to come home with clean puppies! 

Either baths were exhausting or they got so bored because I wouldn't let them go play in the backyard and get muddy because both puppies were total bums the rest of the day! But hey they still smell nice and clean! 

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