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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What I'm loving: Mother's Day gift guide

Tieks  - I love all the fun colors but I don't know that I'd ever be able to pick one. Or maybe a neutral would be better? Who am I kidding? I just need new flats doesn't have to be Tieks though I do think I'd love to find out what all the rave is about since the toes of my Lucky Brand flats have seen better days. Since I can buy minimum 4 pairs of those for the same price I think that would be a better bet but these are tempting… ya know when I when the lottery. (But I suppose I'd have to play to win right?)

St. Anne's Tote (or the Savannah) from Barrington Gifts - now this I think is worth the splurge. I LOVE the giant St. Charles tote that my parents got me for my birthday and sad that I only pull it out for trips since it's big enough for both Lexie and Rhett to fit into. I'd love a smaller one for every day use. The St. Anne or the Savannah (with zipper) seem like they'd fit the criteria for that. Again I just don't know that I could ever pick a color. I do love the new monogram collection with the pop of color but I also love the classic monogram look along with the spring colors in the Audrey Blue, Emerald Green or Elle pink. (It's too late to order for Mother's day technically but there is a 10% off code floating around so it's a great time to order)

Keep Collective - My friend recently showed me this bracelet that her boys got her for mother's day and I'm in love. I don't actually wear bracelets that often because eventually the jingling starts to bug me but  this leather strap that you can customize and personalize with initials, charms that have special meanings seems like something that wouldn't jingle so much but still be super cute. I especially love the double ones for added interest.

Earrings (In any of the colors!) I have the mint pair of these and love them. I need all the colors and at this price I think I can work that into my budget (unlike most of the other things on this list!)

A camera upgrade  - It wouldn't be a list for me without some type of camera equipment on it according to my husband.  My current camera has been great to me for the past 5 years and it's still working but I'm dying to upgrade to a full frame version.

More ideas:

A new camera strap - I can't believe I've kept the same strap for the 5 years I've had my camera. Every time I think about a new camera strap I can't make up my mind with so many choices. (I'm sensing a pattern here!) Currently I'm loving these.

Breakfast in bed - don't most of us want that? Sleeping in, the husband getting the kids downstairs to make handmade cards and being woken up a while later to a delicious breakfast that you didn't have to cook (or clean up after.)  Maybe some fresh flowers to go with that breakfast too? Maybe mimosas too?

Most of all what I want is just to love on and be loved on by my family - just like any other day ;) Oh and for everyone to cooperate and look at the camera for our annual Mother's day picture at Church. It's  our annual tradition and a chance that I'm actually in front of the camera instead of behind it (where I prefer to be usually) Here's last years:

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1 comment :

SensiblySara said...

I upgraded my camera about a year ago, but I am already itching to upgrade again. I don't know why - I LOVE mine! Tieks are so pretty! I've been looking at them, but I can't justify the money.