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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Toddler addictions

Toddlers are funny little creatures…. they are starting to realize they have their own will and wants and really start to express them. Then they go on kicks where they only want to eat certain things because they realize they can verbalize a choice about it (though it's up to someone else if she gets what she thinks she can choose or not)  Lexie was never to bad about wanting to only eat one certain thing at meal time but she clearly has her preferences.

For instance over this past year Lexie has been increasingly more and more addicted to cheerios. It's our Church's snack of choice for the littles that are in our care and since we are in the building 6 out of 7 days most weeks, she now thinks that she should have cheerios ever time we go into the building.  It's her focus until she has her little cup in her hand. Tuesdays for Ladies Bible Class, we now talk before we go in that I'll get her cup of cheerios after prayer time and that is made clear before prayer time starts. See, a while back in the fall, we sat down for prayer time and she started demanding, in the middle of prayer time for her cheerios and quickly escalated to a fit. That day, mama had to put her foot down until she asked nicely…. but she had already gone into full blown toddler meltdown mode and let everyone know it. She didn't end up going to her own class that day but instead was passed around between several of the other team leaders and a friend who teaches in a different room and listening to Frozen until she calmed down. However she still didn't get her cheerios until she asked nicely. Luckily since then she has mostly asked nicely, or at least quickly stopped whining to ask nicely, for her cheerios. It didn't however stop her from thinking she needs cheerios ever time we enter the building.

Since she loves them so much, I wised up and keep cheerios stocked in our pantry. However I was buying the honey-nut instead of plain because the older two littles prefer that. This week, she has declared her toddler pickiness further. Honey-nut cheerios just aren't the same to her as the good old fashioned plain ones! She told me this week that she didn't want "sticky" cheerios. Ha! The girls wants plain old boring cheerios and not the flavored ones.

Man does it just brighten her day though when she does get her little dixie cup of Church cheerios.

What addictions have your toddlers had? And how long did they last? This cheerio obsession has been going on for nearly 7 months now!

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