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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The wedding of the school year: The Union of Q & U

In case you weren't invited to this exclusive ceremony of the union of Q&U - you just missed the wedding of the year! 

Miss Q (representing by all the Queens) said yes to marrying Mr. U (represented by all the handsome studly Quaterbacks) and to spending their lives together in reading and spelling making the "qu" sound.  

Seriously this just might have been the cutest thing I've seen at preschool. They even exchanged rings (ring pops) and quarters.  

A picture of the entire wedding party. 
All the handsome quarterbacks. 
I especially love this handsome little quarterback! 
Lexie wasn't sure about this whole wedding thing as it wasn't in our normal routine… and would have much preferred I hold her the whole time (which is difficult to do and take pictures at the same time) but she cheered up at the end. Doesn't hurt that Daddy was there and pushed her on the swing while we took post ceremony pictures. 

Mrs. Miriam, one of the wonderful preschool assistants made a delicious cake for the reception as well. It was even zebra striped inside - perfect for the zany zebra class!  

I was only sad I failed at my first wedding photography gig ;( I forgot to charge my camera after taking all the ladies Bible study nursery pictures yesterday so iPhone-ography it had to be. 

I can't even begin to say how blessed we've been to have this amazing preschool for our littles to go to, and it's not just the big things like this wedding of Q&U but the every day love and care that the teachers give every day. Thank you teachers! 

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