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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Micah goes to Kinder Round-Up

This week is kinder-round up around here. The week in which all the schools start registering incoming kinder students. 

Meaning I can't stick my head in the sand anymore and ignore that I'll now have more elementary aged kids than itty bitty babies and preschoolers. (Well I guess technically I could wait and register him later this summer but that risks the chance he'd have to go to the cluster school if the classes at our neighborhood school are too full or I could home school him but that's just not the right decision for our family at this time) However none of those really put off the fact the come fall, Micah will be going to kinder regardless of if I register him now or later.

The benefit of going to kinder round up (besides the fact that it assures he won't have to go to the cluster school) is that they are all set up for it and they have kinder teachers ready to take the incoming students on a tour of the school. 

The round-up started at 8 am but because Micah had speech from 8-8:30, we didn't get there until almost 9 which was perfect because there wasn't really any crowd anymore. After we filled out the paperwork and turned it in, we got personal tour since there wasn't anyone else registering at the time. 

Micah was able to see a kinder class doing their math lesson, see the gym with a PE class taking place and meet Coach, watch a little of music and meet the music teacher, art and meet the art teacher (and got a sticker) and saw the computer  lab and meet the computer teacher. As well as the part he was most excited about, the kinder teacher showing us the tour, showed him the cafeteria, how he'd go through the line and where everything would be and the kicker - where the ice cream was that he could buy to go with his lunch on Fridays. Oh boy was his day made right there! Popsicles and pizza for lunch on Fridays - sign him right up! 

We missed going to kinder round up with Abby (I think it was the same day as something fun going on at preschool and we opted to not miss that and just registered her at a later date) so I was glad Micah was able to see the school as a future student vs a little brother and see where he would be going to class. He's clearly more excited about kinder than I am but I'm coming around to it.  I'm so glad though that we did choose to keep him in the 5 year old preschool class instead of him having gone to kinder this year. Not that he wouldn't have done great academically, I'm just glad he got an extra year to be "little." I mean he's a tiny guy anyway but I'm glad he got an extra year before all the pressure of school, to keep learning all fun for an extra year without having to be in school for so many hours a day. 

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