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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lilly for Target

I'll admit I'm a Southern girl in most aspects. I love my little girls in a sweet smocked dress and big bow on their heads. But for some reason I'd never delved into the world of Lilly. Sure I've seen it on others and thought it looked great on them but I never sought it out when shopping.  

Until now. Lilly for Target. Life changing. Okay maybe not life changing but Target prices for darling pieces. It's making me actually wanting the hot summer tank top, shorts, swim suit and cover-up weather! Seriously this collection screams darling summer wear!  I'm also fully prepared to be that mom with matching mother daughter outfits because I can and because my littles are only little for so long to let me get away with it. 

Here are some of the pieces I'm eyeing. You can head over to the Target site and check out the lookbook to preview the sale before it goes live in the wee-hours of the morning and in stores in the morning. So who will I have to fight for the pieces I want  see in the morning at Target? 

There's plenty more besides these pieces so you can skip these and find more dresses, swim wear, home goods - even a hammock that's darling! What's on your wish list

disclosure: affilate links were used in this post 

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