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Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Five!

Happy Friday y'all! We survived another week and are a week closer to summer! Only about a month and 1/2 left! 

Summer puts me in a bigger window shopping mood than any other season. So many cute things are out there for spring and summer! I'm really thinking I want a pair of converse for myself. All three littles have a pair (or two) but I can't decide what color. Grey would go with most everything but I love the fun pop of color the girls pink and teal add such a fun pop to their outfits so that makes me almost want the poolside color. If you have a pair - did you go neutral or did you go for a fun color?

Not only does Lexie have a cheerio preference. I learned yesterday she also have a very specific pizza preference. You see before lunch I was folding clothes and told Micah when I was done, we'd go fix lunch. He then asked what any kid would ask "what's for lunch" so I told him leftover pizza. Lexie then chimes in very excited "I LOVE pizza!"

Fast forward 15 minutes when the pizza is heated up and on their plates and ready to eat. She starts eating the crust and then gets to the air bubble that had occurred in the crust. And thus ensued the toddler meltdown. "I don't want to eat the bubble" and "I don't like pizza." So she ended up only eating the yogurt I gave them while I was heating up the pizza for lunch. (She also earned herself a dreary, thunderstormy day nap as the cranky continued into quiet time)

the offending "bubble" 

Speaking of preferences anyone have a great way to convince an almost 6 year old that he doesn't really want a Pokemon party because I already had really cute and (easy as they get) plans for a different party theme? Down to the last minute to start planing the party which is unlike me because I was leaning towards declaring this the year of family parties…. but then my mom had to mention a really cute party idea for Abby… and if I throw one for Abby, I have to do one for Micah because he is all about a good birthday party and won't be happy if I don't do one for him and do one for Abby a few months later. I plan on keeping it fairly simple though because after my mom convinced me about how cute the parties can be and I changed my mind she then informed me that actually she couldn't come and help the weekend his party will be. 

Problem solved - showed him cute ideas on Pinterest. Pokemon has been pushed to next year. #momwin

It's Fiesta time! I've got to admit I'm still not totally clear on everything Fiesta that goes on in San Antonio but San Antonio Mom Blogs has a fantastic list of free family events that will take place. All I know is I'll spend the weekend making (updating?) a Fiesta shoe box float. I loved Micah's from last year - we'll see if he lets me update it or if he wants to do something totally different.

This was Abby's that I updated from her preschool float parade to her kinder float parade.
Don't know where to start with your Fiesta shoe box float? Here's how I did last year

Four is going to have to be it for today. I've got some laundry to finish and muddy paw prints to mop up - darn rainy weekend making the backyard all muddy.

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