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Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Five!

Happy Friday y'all! We've survived another week - a busy one at that - team leader meeting, Bible class, bluebonnet pictures, kinder round up, a vision dinner for our sister campus across town that needed extra help in the nursery at the last minute.


The bluebonnets are out in full force in Texas. So naturally I went out to scope out the beautiful field we had last year. It was the perfect location - not near any busy roads and full of beautiful bluebonnets.

It wasn't to be this year though. I know I'd be needing a new field because this is what it looked like. Sad :(  Same field, 5 whole bluebonnets in that green area off to the side. (Then Diesel rolled on the ground and smushed 3 of them - whoops!) So now my mission is to find a new field for bluebonnet pictures! 
Luckily I found a beautiful new field that was deep enough that I wasn't too worried about the road (and it wasn't too busy of a road) and it was full of beautiful bluebonnets.  Pictures from our Bluebonnet session coming Monday :) 

Spring showers bring May flowers. Well maybe not the flowers as our spring flowers are in full bloom right now and come May it might be too hot but the weather forecast has rain for us for 6 out of the next 7 days including today. For the first time in 3 years of my littles going to the same preschool, we were able to take advantage of the rain drop off procedures. Normally we have to walk them into the school to their class, rain drop off they have teachers to receive them at the portico and walk them in for us. Abby had one rain day and she was sick that day, I don't remember any last year and the one other rain day they've had this year was a speech morning so by the time we got to school late they were done with drop-off. 3 years of pre-school, 4 rain drop off days. That ought to tell you how often we get rain here. What was I thinking though because I forgot that Micah had rain boots and didn't tell him to wear those instead of his tennis shoes!? At least Lexie is wearing the rain coat that was passed down from Abby? I almost wish we didn't have this hand-me down because my mom sent me this picture of the cutest rain coats that Target has out this year but I can't justify a need for a second rain coat when we rarely get rain! Which is also the reason I'm still wearing the $10 clearance rain boots I got while at LSU instead of splurging on a pair of super cute Hunters (but how would I ever decide which color to get?) 

Micah's playing baseball again this spring sports season! Yay! This time he's moved up so it's pitch and tee. They get 5 coach pitches and then if they don't hit one, they will use the tee for their hit. Two practices down and Micah's gotten a couple hits off the coach already. Pretty good I think. First game will be this weekend, if it's not rained out.  He's got a good team this year - 4 of them were all on the same basketball team in the winter sports session so he knows them already and the same coach as he had for basketball (also the youth sports director for the Y and a friend of the hubbys).  I took Rhett along with me to watch his practice this past week and of course Rhett found a friend in the little sister of one of his teammates. Because really who can resist this cute face? 

Only 9716 pictures left to back up.  My computer has been on overdrive this week. I have everything backed up on to an external hard drive and some pictures also backed up onto cds that wasn't enough for me to feel safe deleting them from my computer. Which is a problem when I have been nearly out of space for almost a year now and I keep going back through old pictures and trying to clear out space little by little.  I knew I wanted an online back up but which one? Amazon now has unlimited picture storage but their uploader app wouldn't work unless I update my system but I'm not certain my ancient (by technology standards) laptop could handle that upgrade so I didn't want to leap into that without having someone tell me if it could handle that. Flickr isn't unlimited but it's nearly that with so much storage and their uploaded did work so I'm half-way done uploading all my photos to be backed up there. How do you back up your pictures? Maybe after this I'll feel okay deleting some of those images off my computer to give it room to breathe? 


Rainy days, well Fridays in general, calls for pizza and movie night. Excited to cuddle up and spend a quite night at home with homemade yummy pizza.  We're still eating leftovers from the smoker that we filled up on Easter. We've had both leftovers just reheated as well as making chicken spaghetti with some of the leftover smoked chicken and tonight it's chicken pesto pizza with more of the leftover chicken. I love when we fill the smoker because it means a week of not cooking pretty much and we still have more leftovers in the freezer for later! All that's required are making the sides or to use the meat to make a different meal. Which makes for a very stress-free easy kitchen week. 

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Chelsea said...

She is adorable!! I am adoring those clothes! I love bright colors