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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter Sunday 2015

Happy Easter y'all! 

image from here
It's been a wonderful day here at our house and I hope it's been the same for y'all. We started off early by heading to early service at Church. The kids did have a minute before we left to peek in their Easter baskets and were thrilled. The Target dollar spot invisible drawing pads were a big hit with all three.  We went to early service so we could get back and cook up a feast for lunch and actually eat near lunch time and avoid some of the crowd that would be showing up for the later services. 

the "silly" picture 
After Church we got a few pictures in their pretty Easter clothes then changed into comfy clothes. We made resurrection rolls for our first time as an appetizer for the littles. They loved it! Such a neat way to teach about the resurrection of Jesus! 

We never did get dye any Easter eggs this year (or the last couple for that matter) since we don't ever eat hard boiled eggs it just hasn't been our tradition.  I've seen so many pretty pictures on instagram of all the various ways people have decorated their eggs though which made me want to. 

the "pretty" picture - man it's hard to get all three to look and smile at the same time! 

Now I think we've eaten enough to last us well into tomorrow and still be full. Beau cooked us quite the delicious feast in the smoker with ribs, chickens and turkey. Lexie, of course, mainly gobbled up mashed potatoes - her favorite!  

We finished off the day with a trip out to see Grandma and Grandpa's land in town and Beau and Grandpa playing Axis and Allies their favorite game (risk on steroids.) Oh and a movie for the littles ' Lexie's pick so Frozen of course.  

the "I'm done" picture -
It's been so nice to have family in town visiting our the holiday weekend. I worked Thursday (choir child care) and in the nursery for the Friday and Saturday services and while I was sad to miss out on visiting time, the littles and Beau got to soak in lots of family time and it was a blessing to come home to dinner ready each night. Can't complain about that right? Plus we've got enough leftovers I can probably get away without cooking until at least Wednesday night.

I hope y'all had a great Easter weekend as well!

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