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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Easter Basket Blog Hop 2015

It's been a busy couple of days here with working choir care for those rehearsing in the choir for the Easter services and working the first 3 of 6 Easter services for our Church. Not to mention major spring cleaning in preparation for hosting my in-laws, aunt-in-law and others for Easter weekend (I think we'll have 11 total people for Easter lunch?) But I had a few spare moments so I wanted to play along with the Easter basket blog hop. 

As a kid I remember always wondering what stuffed toy I'd get each year. My littles are just like me with a love of stuffed animals which I love…. until they over run the place. So the Hallmark Itty Bitties majorly hit the mark. Small won't take up too much room in their overflowing stuffed animal baskets but still super cute and cuddly. 
I'm trying to avoid too much candy (in fact I took the eggs we got from one Easter egg hunt and donated them to the next Easter egg hunt we didn't end up going to at the gym to get rid of all the extra candy in our house!) So the only candy is their chocolate Easter bunny and a carrot of Reese's pieces.
Every year my tradition is to include a new summer swim suit because swimming season will be here next month. 
To round it out a few coloring things with invisible ink and other goodies from the dollar spot finish up their baskets. Simple but fun and a little bit practical :) Along with our new tradition we learned about when we got to San Antonio - cascarones! (Egg shells full of confetti to crack on each other's heads) 

Because of course Easter isn't about the candy and the goodies but about the fact that the tomb is now empty and Jesus is alive and paid the price for our sins. He is Risen, He is Risen in deed. 

Happy Easter! 

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