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Monday, April 13, 2015

bluebonnets 2015

Oh South Texas spring never ceases to take my breath away. The seas of bluebonnets covering the sides of the highways are just gorgeous. Sure it also means our cars are all now yellow, except where we've sneezed it off, as the pollen is also in full effect but I'll take it as long as we get our beautiful fields of bluebonnets.

All too soon those blues will disappear and likely the fields will turn brown with drought and heat as spring last such a short time here but these bluebonnets make it all worth the few shorts weeks of spring that we do have and make it quite enjoyable.
These littles of mine really make me work for it but I love the result every year I get from taking them out to the bluebonnet patches for a picture session. They love it too because they love the nature aspect of it and searching for lady bugs, collecting wild flowers (the yellow and purples that aren't bluebonnets - don't worry!) 
These year didn't fail to impress and become my favorite year of bluebonnet pictures yet with such gorgeous light shining down over us.
Abby, picked her own pose, her gymnastics salute of course

It was probably their favorite year as well because while we didn't spot any lady bugs and the gnats were out in full force - we found this little guy hiding in the bluebonnets and he just stayed their letting us get a good look at him. 

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1 comment :

a said...

Katie, these are beautiful pictures! I've loved the bluebonnets this year; I don't remember them being so full and lasting so long in previous years.