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Monday, March 23, 2015

Underwater Easter Egg Hunt

My littles are just like their mama and are major water bugs. They were a sadly disappointed they didn't get their fill over swimming over spring break because it started with a cold and rainy weekend and they only got to swim twice. With the chilly weather even though the water park was open over spring break - it would have been way to freezing for my little skin and bones dude to stay in the water long.

So when the natatorium downtown held an underwater Easter egg hunt, it was an event we just couldn't pass up! I mean can you show me a kid that doesn't like an Easter egg hunt and the pool twist on it was just perfect for my little water bugs!

Micah's age group went first, gathering up their eggs in the baby pool. Micah totally tried to make a method to his egg collecting - some of the eggs had marbles inside so they would sink (I think?) and he thought those were the best eggs to collect so he'd shake each egg and only collect those with marbles at first.  No eggs had prizes in them and marble or no marble didn't matter so I finally convinced him that really didn't matter so he happily collected more eggs. There were more than enough eggs to go around - especially since it was yet another dreary rainy day - I assume that probably affected the turn out for the event. After the hunt they turned in their eggs and received a prize - a cool frisbee, water bottle and other goodies unless you had a special egg with a mark on it for the bigger Easter basket prize.

Next up, Abby's age group in the big pool. They passed out noodles to everyone so they could easily put their eggs in the bags without having to tread water. I was really impressed with the staff in planning this event as there were plenty of lifeguards so that children would needed a hand or weren't confident in the water could have a life guard assisting them and could participate without fear. 

There were so many eggs for this age group, Abby filled her bag and they had run out of extras (in the little group they had plenty of extra bags) so she brought her extras over and Micah and Lexie helped scoop them up into a towel to carry all the extras that didn't fit in the bag.
Lexie was very proud of carrying the bag of eggs and would not give it up to Abby. See little miss was too little for their age groups so she didn't get to participate herself. (I think she would have been just fine in the 5/6 year old baby pool hunt)
After Abby got her prize, the big two were able to participate in tube races. Which was comical. Abby was long enough to kick her legs in the water but for some reason she decided to use her arms instead of her legs and swim herself that way as she wasn't quite long enough to use both. 
Micah, my itty bitty guy, was not nearly big enough to lay on the tube and kick and his arms weren't long enough to pull him well either. He tried his best though and fell off the tube once - oops! The lifeguard ended up pulling him most of the way back  (again they had a lifeguard swimming along with each child just in case) 

I was very pleased with how well put together and ran this event was and makes me sad we weren't able to make the events they had over Spring Break but I'll totally be on the look out for more SA Parks and Rec events now! I will say to some the natatorium smell and sticky humidity might turn people off from swimming there and while I was wishing for that cool breeze of opening on of the sliding doors along the sides - it didn't bother me and brought back lots of swim team memories. Now to find a summer swim league for Micah (and maybe Abby if we can make it work with her gymnastics) so they can have some swim team fun this summer! 

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