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Monday, March 30, 2015

Fire Safety made fun

The thought of a fire in our house is a scary one but I can put my mind somewhat at ease that my littles, especially the older two, know what to do in case of a fire. Homemade pizza night provides us with an opportunity to talk fire safety almost weekly, as our fire alarm goes off from the heat of the hot oven when I pull the pizza out.  

But there are always what-ifs? Especially with the news article that aired a few months back showing that a large percentage of children don't wake up to the fire alarm going off.  It's hard to imagine not waking up to the loud noise of the fire alarm but yet those kids slept right through it.   According to the study low frequency (vs the high frequency alarms in most houses) or alarms that you record your own voice on the message tend to work better.  

How to make what could be a very scary situation maybe a little less scary? A visit to the fire station of course.  One of the local fire stations held an open house over the weekend with food, and tours of the trucks and more.  

The littles got to climb all in the front of the fire trucks (and there were several different engines to check out.)  

One of the firemen gave a full tour of all the different things found on the truck. A serious professional organizer must have put that truck together! Just when you think you've seen everything there is another compartment with more tools.

AirLife even came out! We were able to watch them land in the field next to the fire station and then the littles had an opportunity to look around.

 My future helicopter pilots?

 Let's hope this is the only type of situation I see my littles on a AirLife patient bed!
 Then we were able to see the fire marshall's arson newest arson dog, Villy. He got a steak for dinner last week when he passed his certification. Since then he's even been out to a few calls. They can use him to sniff out accelerants. For the demonstration they dropped lamp oil on to one of the four shirts and he was able to quickly sniff out when one it was on. He was cute as can be and excited he earned his ball for doing a good job.
 Of course the kids loved him! (And chatted up his handler all about our own puppies at home)
I think one of the most important things about visiting a fire station is letting the littles see what the fire fighters will be wearing if they do have to rescue someone from your house. The fire fighters didn't do that this time with all the activities going on but the jackets and helmets were out in the middle on their normal rack so the littles could see them. Once they have all their gear on (including oxygen and mask) the littles won't able to see much of their face which could be really scary in a low light, smoky situation. Micah was able to see this when the fire fighters came to his preschool.

Future fire fighter maybe? Not anytime soon though - that helmet is really heavy!

A big thank you to the District 7 fire department for opening up their house so everyone to come see and putting on a fantastic open house!  These seriously are the nicest set of guys who work here - I had taken Micah and Lexie on a random weekday afternoon with a friend who was going to drop off treats for their fire dog (a dalmatian named Dottie of course!) and they had gotten a private tour of the trucks, ambulance and everything else while we were there that day.
(Of course of all the fun things they had going on, Micah's favorite was the bouncy house…. and Abby's the dog)  

So test your fire alarms monthly, have an exit plan that everyone knows as well as a meeting spot, remember stop, drop and roll and go meet your local fire men! 

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