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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mile Strong Kids

Last month Abby came home from school with a flyer just like many other days. This time around it was a flyer for a series of three 1 mile runs put on by Mile Strong Kids. She was very insistant that she wanted to go run the mile race. I didn't think she'd actually want to get out of bed early and go run but sure enough she hopped out of the bed the Saturday morning of the race and she and Beau headed out to go run.

I was never a runner - I was a fish from the beginning and dreaded off season from swim team when we'd have to run. While I do love our walks with our puppies, running still isn't anything I hop out of bed on a Saturday morning excited to do.  My dad on the other hand ran track and Beau ran cross-country. So it's not out of not a huge surprise I guess that Abby enjoys running a little bit. (Her first love is still gymnastics though) Still I think I've been talked into joining them and doing the mile as a family this weekend.

San Antonio has appeared on several fattest cities/highest obesity lists in the past years and Mile Strong wants to change that. The Mile Strong Organization's mission is to take a stand against obesity and health issues that can follow. With parents and kids out exercising together everyone becomes stronger with every mile.

The last of the three run series is the Saturday at Nani Falcone Park we missed the one two weeks ago with an out of town gymnastics meet so Abby is looking forward to doing this race again. I'm just hoping it isn't rained out! 

The Mile Strong Event is open to anyone - from the results, I see littles as young as 2 that took on the challenge! Everyone who finishes gets a necklace to hold your charms, charm and a ribbon. You can pre-register online (click the link above) or arrive at 8am and register there. The run kicks off at 8:30. 

Stretches and a warm up were lead by a few Air Force volunteers and then they were off to run their mile. 

image from Mile Strong

image from Mile Strong
As you can see she might have ran a mile but she's still my little gymnast! 

So who wants to come do a mile with us this weekend? 

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Traci said...

Have a great run!! I'm doing a 10K tomorrow.

Unknown said...

This sounds fun! If we're up early enough, we'll be there. :)