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Monday, February 02, 2015

Micah plays Basketball

I'm not a basketball fan… the squeaky shoes, the wiping sweat off the floor - yuck - but this kind of basketball…. the kind where my kid is playing. I guess I kinda like. 

We've been at our Y for nearly 6 years now (one month away from 6 years to be exact) and so we have quite a few friends at the Y. (It's so nice to have a family at the gym - ones that miss you and text you when you aren't there - ones that make you excited to go the the gym!) One of my husbands friends at the gym also happens to be the Sports Director and so happens has a son Micah's age. So while I was perfectly content to wait and give t-ball another go in the spring. Beau was convinced to sign Micah up for basketball on the same team as his friend's kid - the one his friend is also coach. So having friends at the gym also means friends your kid can play sports with. So thus begins Micah's basketball career. 

Sadly I missed the first game as Abby's gymnastics meet conflicted but I've been to two games so far. I have to say I'm really very impressed with how well his team shares the ball. They realize when they can't make the shot for the most part and look for a teammate to pass it to. (Or in sweet Micah's case - he'll take 2-4 dribbles before the ball is more rolling than being dribbled and he'll pick it up and pass it - but hey it's our first go at basketball and he's improving each practice and game!) 
They are really working on the man defense and staying with their person which goes well about 1/2 the time…. I'd say that's better than little kid soccer games I've seen where they run around the ball all in a mass of children. Micah's so funny - he'll practically do a little side to side dance as he guards his person. 

He caught the ball off a rebound… about to dribble… dribble.
 And pass!
 The second game it was his turn to get the jump ball to start the game. Love my sweet guy… (though it drives me slightly crazy he won't leave his way-to-big-smallest-size-they-come jersey tucked in so it's not down to his knees)
 A quick team photo before the start of the second half…. due to a wallow-worm toddler I couldn't get up to get the front angle in time… so side angle it is.

Now don't get the idea that all the sudden I'm going to be watching all the Spurs games on tv… and I don't know that we've hit the nail on the head as far as what sport Micah will want to play as he grows up but I'm thrilled his coach is really teaching them the rules and how to play and Micah is learning quickly.  I'll admit though I'm patiently waiting for t-ball season to come around again because I'm still a baseball girl at heart. I think we'll also try summer swim league this summer for Micah (maybe Abby too - she wants to but not sure if we'll be able to squeeze it in without wiping her out with gymnastics as well)  Until then it's Go-Spurs-Go (as they are all the Spurs ha!) 

What are your favorite sports to watch your kid play? 

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1 comment :

Traci said...

I'm not a basketball fan either but I'm sure it's adorable when the little ones are playing.