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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Easy Peasy Valentine's backdrop

Every Tuesday for the past 7.5 years (wow!) I've worked in the nursery of our Church during the ladies Bible Studies and I love seeing the smiling faces of all our adorable toddlers that come through our nursery wing. When I was in a classroom I used to love doing crafts with my class because I know how as a mom I loved seeing the pride of my littles showing me what they made during class. I also dearly treasure all the photo crafts that came home because it showed me a little snippet (and usually) that they were smiling during class and enjoying themselves.  

Now that I'm not usually in a classroom but instead floating around making sure everything is running smoothly - I love the weeks before a 'big' holiday that we usually send a craft home for because I get to play photographer and create those memories for the moms to see.
Normally I love to take the individual pictures outside a) the natural light just makes the pictures pop compared to the lighting inside of the building b) the littles are usually happier outside - the swinging, sliding, watching cars, bird, butterflies go by - all are wonderful ways to work a smile out of even the most reserved little ones. 

Today it was dreary, cold and rainy outside so outside pictures weren't going to happen but I didn't want to let that stop us from getting some cute shots.  We are so blessed at our Church to have a wonderful resource room that I was able to pull this back drop off in about 15 minutes time.  

Colored paper  - I used 5 different colors - 56 hearts total so 7 sheets of paper
Heart die cut (or you could trace a heart to have a pattern - still super easy but a tad more time consuming) 
A wall that gets some nice natural light 

To start - I die cut lots of hearts - equal amounts of each color.  

Then I found a wall that was getting as much outside light as possible and proceeded to tape rows of hearts rotating through my 5 colors. For the size hearts I used this ended being 7 hearts tall and 8 rows wide which was perfect for my 2 and unders and even the 3 years old. For the older ones that we photographed on this backdrop it meant they needed to sit to not be outside the backdrop but that worked too. 

This was the perfect touch that the pictures needed to really pop on such a drab day outside. If you haven't had a chance to do Valentine pictures, are having really drab weather, or on a tight budget -  this is the perfect backdrop to pull off darling Valentine pictures with! 

I really love how this turn out and it shows that you don't need to order a fancy backdrop or spend a lot of time or money into a backdrop - not that those aren't fantastic options - I mean there were so many ideas that I wanted to pull off but with limited time this was perfect! 

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1 comment :

a said...

So cute! Can't wait to see MY girls' photos on Tuesday. :) Kate looked like a ragamuffin--y'all should send home a picture warning. Hee, hee.