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Friday, January 16, 2015

Five on Friday

Oh Happy day! It's Friday! I'm linking up with  darciaprilchristina + natasha for 5 on Friday! Lack of blogging means I've got lots to ramble about today! 

1.  It's halfway through January so how are those New Years Resolutions going?  Based on the attendance at our gym, everyone is getting after it. My resolutions included: 

- working out with consistency  
 check - other than Lexie being under the weather for a few days I've down well on getting to   the gym 4 times a week. I love my gym so this isn't a tough one but I majorly slacked on going consistently from Thanksgiving through Christmas and I want to be consistent again.  I was able to start off the new year with a bang - also known as a two hour Margie kickboxing class. I'll finish this week off with a bang as well - a two hour body combat (kickboxing) new release launch class. I'll earn my Friday night pizza at least ;) 

- drinking more water: 
 check  - I've been drinking minimum 3 refills of my favorite mason jar - usually 4 plus an extra water bottle full of water on gym mornings/evenings 

- reading through Bible in a year: 
 check - I've been using the She Reads Truth app and it   has a plan lined out for you and shows you your percent of progress. I'm liking this plan because you read some Old Testament and some New Testament each day. It breaks it up from getting into a rut in some of the Old Testament books. 

- blog more often: 
not so great on that one so far but hopefully I'll get back on track soon! 

2.  My parents came over for Lexie's birthday weekend and while they were here my mom helped me start on a gallery wall for the girls room. I was torn between two sets of pictures (one for each girl) or one large picture wall so I let Abby pick and she choose one large gallery wall. I think I'll also do a few smaller things on separate walls for them as well - especially a space for Abby's gym medals, ribbons and a picture or two. 
Hanging the pictures made me realized I need to print more! I need to decide a print some from when Lexie was one and two. Right now she's has two newborn prints and one from our fall family session.  There are still more touches to be done on this (like placing in the As where they go instead of standing on the pictures and spray painting the black frame pink and the silver A gold) but I'm loving having this up on the wall now. 
I want to add a few more quotes in the mix along with a few other pictures and maybe a few shapes (a cross, a crown?) I can't decide which quotes/Bible verse though and if that's maybe too much? 
What would you choose? Or do you have a favorite that's screaming to be included and I haven't seen it before? Show me! 

3.  Micah is playing basketball this winter. We took a break from t-ball in the fall as the lack of action while fielding was frustrating to him. When Beau's friend at the Y recruited Micah to be on his son's basketball team for the winter session we went for it. One practice in and he's pretty pumped up about it. He's worn his jersey every day since getting it Wednesday evening. Their team is the Spurs. ;) I'm sad I'll have to miss his first game this weekend but I guess it's the start of how our future will look. Three kids, two in sports currently means they will at time overlap. 

4.  Abby's got a big meet this weekend. Big as in it's a huge gym with all the higher levels competing and teams coming in from out of state (and out of country - there's a team or three coming from Mexico.) I'm learning more and more about this whole #gymmom life as we go through our first whole season. In the fall the Compulsory season for the level 1-5s where all the routines are the same (so we listen to the same floor music over and over and over and over….) That ended in December. Now it's Optional season which is mostly for the higher levels 6-10 and they do routines they create themselves with their coaches with certain required elements. However in these meets, they also allow the littles to compete even though it's not really technically their season (still more of the same floor music over and over for them though!) 
 Abby's worked so hard this season and has done awesome!  She's so close to moving up levels and has been working really hard at it. She's been .15 away twice this season so we are all hoping this is the weekend she gets it! 

5.  Valentines day is going to be here before we know it! The hubs and I don't usually go out Valentines weekend because of the crowds but our gym has PNO and it falls on the 13th this month so I'm debating trying to go out somewhere. As a Christmas present to each other we went out to Chama Gaucha for a fancy date and oh man this creme brûlée was so good. I'm still thinking about it a month later. Makes me want to go back there for Valentines! Do ya'll go out for a Valentines date or do you postpone/go early to avoid the crowds that weekend? 

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Kristen [Playground Prepster] said...

Way to go on the resolutions!! I love the gallery wall. The little but fierce quote is one of my favorites. My little guy just started basketball as well and loves it. He plays baseball too and is an outfielder which was rough but he wants to play again in the spring. I hope the gymnastics meet went well!

Traci said...

I'm doing much better with my workouts too. Nov. & Dec. were awful but I'm on a roll now. Water isn't a problem for me. I drink it all day long. I read the Bible in a year a couple of years ago. It was much easier than I expected but jeeze sometimes the Old Testament was a chore. :) I've been wanting to do a gallery wall in my bedroom. I really need to make it happen.