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Friday, December 05, 2014

The One I Wrote For You

Disclosure: I was invited to a special pre-release screening of The One I Wrote For You and received a James Avery charm like the one featured in the film. All opinions are my own and I was not required to blog about the film but I couldn't not share it with y'all. 

A couple weeks ago, I took Abby with me on a special mother, daughter date to see a pre-screening of the movie The One I Wrote For You. I was excited to be able to see a movie that I knew would be good for her to see but that I'd also enjoy, in other words a movie that wasn't Frozen, animated and or staring talking dogs. Family friendly films that are truly enjoyable to both the parent and the child seem to be too few and far between. Not only is it a family friendly film but it was filmed right here in San Antonio and featured local businesses.

The One I Wrote for You stars Cheyenne Jackson (Glee) as Ben Cantor and Christine Woods (The Walking Dead, Flash Forward) as Alicia Cantor. Gracie, their daughter is played by Avi Lake from Austin, Tx (who was an absolute doll and we were able to meet her after the movie!)

We are introduced to Ben, a barista at a coffee shop, (truly local if you are in SA!) a dedicated father and husband, working as hard as he can to provide for his family.  We soon learn he nearly had fame at one point but gave it up for his family and to stay true to his beliefs.

His daughter, Gracie, can see his talent and encourages him (in a mischievous way) to try out for a TV competition (similar to The Voice or American Idol but for song writers.) His wife, Alicia, also can see that in his heart he does still want the song writing career and tells him "If you want to be a good husband, then do what you love." I love how the film portrayed their family, you can just feel the love between them while watching the film. 

Ben digs his heals in wanting to continue to provide for his family the way he thinks he should, instead of chasing his dreams but eventually is convinced to go for it.  

Ben is accompanied on the tour by his manager Mickey (played by Kevin Pollak) who while, before in Ben's first chance at fame may have bent to Hollywood ways, this time he learned from Ben "You realize it's possible to still make money without selling out and giving up your integrity" and Mickey tries to help Ben focused on the bigger picture. However, we quickly see how easy it is to lose focus. I loved this line from Mickey "Winning isn't everything and luck isn't winning. Sometimes it's hard to see the bigger picture if we are stuck in the game." Such an incredible message and truth we could all stand to remember in our lives. 

 Fellow San Antonio blogger Colleen, of San Antonio Mom Blogs tweeted out that she had teared up twice during the movie and I couldn't help but be glad she admitted it and knowing I wasn't alone! I loved the film and Abby enjoyed it as well. The One I Wrote For You had such a great positive message while not being just another kid movie, but truly family friendly so that everyone in your family could enjoy it. 

You can see the trailer for the film below and find a theater near you for the Texas premiere weekend here: http://www.theoneiwroteforyou.com/theater-locations/  The One I Wrote For you opens today and you should totally make time in your weekend to see it! (Bonus you don't need to find a sitter because they'll enjoy it as well!)  

After the screening, we were able to meet the youngest star of the film, Avi Lake. Abby was able to get an autograph and talk to her. We learned she has a hedgehog for a pet and I'm shocked Abby hasn't asked me for one yet! She was fantastic in the film and I'm sure has a bright future in front of her. 

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