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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Homecoming Mums

It's homecoming season. In Texas, bigger is better and biggest is best. (Total giveaway I'm a mom of a toddler girl right - anyone else bigger out that was from Sofia the First right away?) Seriously though, homecoming always brings up the conversations about the mums. Homecoming mums are no joke around here. If you haven't been around a Texas high school on homecoming weekend, this may not be something you are familiar with. So I'll fill you in.

Back when I was in high school, the boys would their date a giant fake flower mum to wear. At my high school the tradition was usually to wear overalls to be able to hold it up without ruining your shirt. Yes they are that big that a normal shirt wouldn't be able to hold it up.  Then the girls buy their date a garter - a smaller mum they wear on their arm. Some parents would also buy their daughters one even if they didn't have a date to homecoming but not all of them.

I was pretty clueless the first year when we moved to a Texas high school my sophomore year.  I saw the band booster moms table selling them but really couldn't picture the crazy until the day I saw them. The friday before homecoming, our high school was filled with girls and guys wearing mums and overalls (even some of the boys would sport overalls even though it wasn't needed with their mum on their arms.)

The girls that were on drill team or a cheerleader? They'd usually have two - one from their team sister and one from whoever they were going to homecoming with. Try sitting in your desk and doing work while wearing two mums!

Still clueless as to what I'm talking about? Maybe some pictures will help? Finally after a few years of talking about it with friends who had just moved her and were also clueless I dug out my old scrapbooks with pictures of my homecoming mums.

This was junior year. I'm pretty sure right before heading to this football game we had stopped at Wal-mart to buy the car window marker and streamers to decorate this friends truck. This was back when Wal-mart also sold fish and the friend on the far left bought a fish (pretty sure it was a goldfish) and we had a fish hanging out in the car during the football game. It lived for a little while too after that if my memory serves me right. These are both single sized mums.,… with loads of streamers. On the streamers are various options of dangly things which I forget all the options but I know jingle bells and bubbles were a few of the choices along with other various charms to represent what you were into. The on the main flower of the mum - you had the choice of various things including but not limited to a teddy bear.

Then this was senior year. Juniors could have all silver mums if they wanted (or if they guy who purchased it chose that option rather) and seniors could have gold. This mum I had was a triple one. It was heavy! I don't even what to think about how much it cost either with the triple mum and all the goodies it had on it. At least the band had a good fundraiser as probably 75% of the mums purchased at our school were through them. 

Now I'm seeing that the mums aren't staying just for high school homecoming now.  A friend was making some for her younger son's football homecoming. Then our gymnastics team wanted to do mums to wear for the district meet. They are taking over…. run!!! Ha! Okay you don't have to run just be prepared for the crazy! It looks like they've gotten even bigger and electric since I was in high school! Ours were very much personalized and standardized to our school and not much about personal expression like the article mentions some being elsewhere. Now that kind of mum maybe I'd be more behind? Maybe….

Are you ready for homecoming now? I can't even start to imagine what else will get bigger and "better" about homecoming mums between now and when my littles start high school.

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1 comment :

Traci said...

I'd never heard of the mum thing until a few weeks ago when we went to my nephews football game in Pearland. They talked about them & then our friends in Katy showed me some. They were selling them in Kroger. This week I heard someone say here mention mums. Sounds like the trend is taking over!