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Monday, October 27, 2014

pumpkin patch 2014

It's October 27th and the weather here is still feeling very far away from fall most days. Over the weekend, it was still hot enough to sweat when standing in the sun waiting to get into Abby's gymnastics meet. Add in that fact that our leaves really don't change here and besides the date there isn't much to make it seem like fall other than the 5 days we get where it might feel like fall. 

I think that's why I love going to the pumpkin patch with the kids so much. It may be just pumpkins place on the ground to look like a 'real' pumpkin patch but it gives our South Texas city a little bit of something to feel fall-ish. 

Since the littles still wake up early weekend Saturday or not, we headed up to the pumpkin patch early so we could get the pretty morning light as well as fit it in before Abby's gymnastics meet. We took an adventure and went to a new-to-us patch across town instead of the one near us. I'm now in love with the location of this one. It gets big bonus points for having no busy road running right next to the pumpkin patch! 
This was a pretty no-frills pumpkin patch but the light was just beautiful and the Church building was also very pretty and I think it's now my favorite for pumpkin patch pictures. Others might have fun extras but this was just perfect for a little mini-photo session with my littles. (And of course picking out a pumpkin to carve!) 

And we can't not get baby pumpkins to bring home as well! This girl just loves anything and everything that's "baby"-sized.

Happy Monday y'all! 

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Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS!! Absolutely LOVE them all! Love you, Ash

Unknown said...

You have such gorgeous kids - loved each & every pic. What a sweet time to share with each other.

Unknown said...

You have such gorgeous kids. What a beautiful time to spend together :D