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Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkin Painting

Saturday morning our plans went out the window with the sudden, much needed and appreciated but plan ruining rain. Since the littles aren't too into Saturday morning sleeping in, that means we needed something to keep busy. So I set them to cleaning up their rooms and the play room. (What an exciting morning right?) Upstairs was clean by 10 am….. and a mess again by 11 am.

To reward them for being cooperative and cleaning this morning, when we were all bummed about not taking Diesel to the dog park, I set about after lunch to put together a little craft for them. So I ran off to Target. (Of course right?) I found a pack of stickers to decorate faces on pumpkins and thought they would love that.  I also picked up the pumpkins at HEB because the Target ones were super tiny. 

Table cloth required because littles are painting! It would wash off but so much easier adding the little bit of protection there. 

Everyone got their own pumpkin and to pick their own paint colors. Micah and Abby picked just about every color I put out minus brown. Lexie only wanted purple (I must have missed getting the pink out or we just didn't have it in the craft box - not sure which because I'm certain there would have been pink on her pumpkin if that had been an option) 
Micah and Abby both choose to do stripes up and down around their pumpkins. Micah in a random pattern. 
Abby did a rainbow around her pumpkin. 
Lexie wasn't satisfied until it was completely purple. Just look at that concentration. 

We stopped and let them dry while we went to Bible class. When we got home I got out the sticker set I had picked up at Target - which was made just for our family because it made 3 faces. They each got to  decide which eyes, mouth and accessories they wanted on their little monster pumpkins. 

 I think Micah might have liked this activity the most!
 He did such a fun job putting together his little horned monster.
 Lexie also did fabulously and loved putting sparkly dots and x's on her purple monster pumpkin.

They were so proud and excited about their pumpkins! 
 But too wiggly to take a picture!

My three little monsters! 
This was seriously such an easy and quick craft to put together (if you don't count the clearing off of the remainder of the groceries that you didn't put away the day before!) Much quicker and less messy than carving a pumpkin but we'll still do that as well at a later date.

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1 comment :

Traci said...

Those turned out so cute!