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Monday, October 06, 2014

Naptime struggles

The naptime struggles around here have been real y'all. Lexie will be 3 in January and has already decided she doesn't need a nap. She's really great about being quiet and staying in her room. Too bad that backfired on us twice with her getting into sister's stuff. The first was the worst, at least in Abby's opinion with her finding some pez candy Abby had hidden in her nightstand and ate it. 

The second time happened in between times I checked on her as I was peeking in more often after the first 'disaster.' The previous time I'd checked she'd looked nearly asleep but apparently she was just really good at pretending. 

The next time I went back? 

Permanent marker all over the night stand (not a huge deal - it's from Ikea and nothing a little chalk paint won't fix since the magic eraser won't take it off), Abby's bedskirt (again not a huge deal it's old and just plain white, easily replaced especially since it's on my 'dream list' that I want to hopefully be able to redo the girls room in the near-ish future) but she also marked all over her dress she was wearing from Church that day. Thankfully it wasn't a new dress and one from last year but it still fit nicely as did Abby's so they could match. Though this is the first piece of clothing (aside from holes in the knees of jeans) that I think any of them have ruined so I guess this was coming at some point. Now all coloring things I could find have been removed from the room. Hopefully there aren't any others hiding where I couldn't find them.

Last Thursday was our first nap success in a while with her falling asleep less than 20 minutes after I put her in her room. That's pretty good considering she had been holding out for close to an hour and 1/2 some days only to fall asleep right before naptime was over. Which means either I let her sleep later than I like or wake her and have her cranky. What age did your littles give up naps? Both my older two also started to struggle at his age and were doing quiet time instead of naptime at 3. 
She's got her 3 P's here: pink pillow, pink blanket and Pinkalicious (sometimes that's replaced with a Princess book but still a P ;) )
Thankfully last Thursday seems to have been a break through because she also napped Friday, Saturday (in the car), Sunday and Monday! Hallelujah! Of course it's 3:40 and she's still napping today but I didn't put her down until 1:30 and she didn't fall asleep until 2 after looking at a book but I'm not complaining! 

So odds that writing about her recent success will backfire just the way writing about her struggles got her to start napping again? I'm betting I'm pretty much out of luck for a good nap for the rest of the week after that….. 

Happy Monday y'all! And hope your littles took their naps today to get you through this first day of the week!

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1 comment :

Unknown said...

I have 2 comments:

1) Your permanent marker story reminded that Audrey did the same thing with Kymi's markers. I dont' remember what she colored on, I think the sheets, but man oh man was I livid.

2) My girls still nap. Not so much on the weekends when they're with us, but they do during the week. It's mandated at daycare to at least lay down and be quiet, and Annie still falls asleep. This past summer Audrey was actually sleeping about 1/2 the time. And she naps almost every day after school now. School is really wearing her out. I hope she does OK next year when it's all day.