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Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween PJ party

My middle child - my sweet little guy - loves his bedtime routine and if you miss or try to skip a step he's very quick to call you on it or get upset about it. It starts with reading a book together. Lately the kids have been stuck on Tickle Monster. It used to be the How do Dinosaurs series that he could recite from memory but now all of them can read/recite Tickle Monster from memory and are ready with whatever body part is next to be tickled before the page has even been turned. 

 I put Abby in charge of reading it tonight so I could snap some pictures of their adorable halloween pjs. They all of course got into tickling each other when it came time for the tickles!

Abby and Lexie love that they match and Micah loves his little zombie/ghouls on his pjs. 

Do your littles have a book they get stuck on? And do they love Halloween pjs as much as mine do? 

I'm linking up DarciAshleyNatasha and A.P. for the Halloween Pj Party. Come join in the fun! 

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1 comment :

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Adorable! Avery had the same jammers as the girls! And I cannot wait for the day where Avery can read Luke a book, I'm sure it's so sweet to watch!