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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Gymnastics Meets 2 and 3

Gymnastics season for Abby is in full swing. A total learning process for her and for me as well as I learn the ropes of being a "gym mom." I never saw that in the cards for me as I thought we'd do dance but she is loving it and I'm loving seeing her learn and grow in both her skills and with the friendships on her team.  

In someways gymnastics meets aren't that different from t-ball: they love getting their goodie bags! In this case however they get them at the beginning of the meet to have a snack between rotations. You'd think they were doing a serious workout with how they gobble up the snacks but at least they are healthy snacks!

 Then of course there are the after the meet goodie bags - usually with a tiny bit of candy and a medal for everyone along with the paper with their achievement ribbons for their scores on the different rotations.  As they announced the teams to come up on the podium, the girls keep inching forward closer and closer, photo-bombing the other teams pictures, all because they all wanted to scramble up there and be on the top!

Meet 4 is this week and I can't wait to see how she does since it's been a month between the meets! Her personal goal was to have all blue ribbons at a meet and her scores were pretty close last time. 

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Colleen Pence said...

Looks like such fun! My kids are in gymnastics but, so far, they are not into the competitive side of it. Maybe one day. Do you recommend any particular gyms? Thanks, Katie!

Traci said...

They're all so adorable!!