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Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday

It's time for Five on Friday again and I'm linking up with darciaprilchristina + natasha again.

1. National Night Out 
Tuesday night was National Night Out. Well, kind of, see everywhere else has NNO in August. Texas well is still HOT in August so in Texas, we celebrate in October. Our neighborhood was supposed to have food, fun, door prizes at the park along with their annual HOA meeting. We rent out house so we weren't part of the HOA and their meeting was supposed to start at 6. So I figured we'd head down to the park around 6:30 and at least take part and meet our neighbors. That's what this is about right? Well at 6:25, someone from the HOA rang the doorbell looking for homeowners and when we walked down to the park they were still looking for homeowners in order to have the number they needed (not many people were there) and since we weren't home owners it felt like we weren't wanted at all to even hang out at the park near the pavilion. Once they knew we weren't homeowners, they didn't say another word to us. Not exactly a fun national night out. I honestly was pretty bummed about it, especially seeing how some other neighborhoods were having a blast. I didn't expect to be invited to the meeting but they weren't very neighborly when they could have been. Note to self: not sure I want to buy a house in this neighborhood.

Did y'all do national night out? How does it work in your neighborhood?

2. Digital homework 
This week Abby's teacher sent home a website and a log-in to do homework on the computer. I can't decide if I like it or not. The first day was a video and one problem and you could write on/work the problem on the iPad. The second day it was a work sheet to download and work. I kept the worksheet up on the computer and had her work it on paper because there is never enough room on the worksheet anyway. I couldn't figure out how the teacher wanted them to turn it in though because there is an option to attach a .jpg (and other formats) but only one so I couldn't do both the front and back of the sheet she did the work on. So I attached one side and had her bring it to turn in.

Then there was a quiz/homework and once you turn it in you can't go back which I kind of object to because you are instantly graded and it's 3rd grade and I feel like you shouldn't be graded on homework like that (though I don't know if that grade will count in her actual class grades or if she'll just get credit for doing it)
Over the summer I had her doing math on the computer but it was a different program since this is through her text book and you could go back and correct and answers and you didn't have to deal with turning in your work via attachments. 

So while I'm on board for digital homework if it makes sense, this one was confusing and with limited information from the teacher on how she wants things done, I'm not loving it.

3. Fits galore 
This girl has been a mess the past couple weeks. As we approach 3, she seems to be advanced in taking on the three-year old attitude and expressing her opinion. She is also increasingly making it known she is my strong-willed child. Two had it's up and downs but it's been pretty smooth the past few months until now. The first massive fit she threw, I was commenting that she doesn't throw them often but when she does, they are massive. Only to be followed up by 4 more of the same magnitude in the next two weeks. They aren't so rare anymore and they are often fairly long with little that distracts her.
How do you handle fits at your house? I haven't been giving in to her fits but that means they aren't over quickly when she isn't distracted and it's wearing on us over here.  

4.  Here's to hoping the LSU has a better weekend than the previous two games. Last night Lexie saw Beau watching Thursday night football and starting cheering for LSU. Only coming out of her mouth it sounds a lot more like "L S Shoot" Based on the last two games I gotta say that's probably not far off. That said we love our Tigers win or lose but it'd be great to see a win this weekend instead of another loss. (Though I'll be content if they can at least pull out a win for the game we are going to BR to see!)

Not a video of last night so it doesn't sound the same here but still cute! 

5. It's Friday and a 3 day weekend! Tonight it's happy hour margaritas (I need one to recover from the tantrums!) Tomorrow probably a trip to the dog park to take the puppies out and maybe we'll throw in a trip to Sea World at some point this weekend.  No pumpkins for us yet - I need to get our fall outfits together for the trip to the pumpkin patch first.

Do you have any good plans for the weekend?

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1 comment :

Traci said...

We don't do national night out. I've never heard of it. That a shame that people treated you like that. We're very close to a group of our neighbors. We travel together & usually have dinner together at least once a week. My friends that don't live with us think it's weird that we even know our neighbor's much less that we're so close.