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Friday, October 03, 2014

Five on Friday

It's Friday! That should put a smile on your face right? Plus Five on Friday is back and I'm linking up with darciaprilchristina + natasha to join in on the fun. 

- one - 
Happy October y'all! I feel like I'm actually prepared for the month this year! All the littles Halloween costumes are either hiding in my closet or have been ordered (was just waiting on Micah to settle on his costume because he all the sudden started flip-flopping his decision) They aren't by any means anything original or creative but they are what they've wanted for many, many, many months so I'm thrilled they've got the costumes they wanted. 

And our Halloween pjs arrived today! Eep! I don't know why but I think Halloween pjs might be the most adorable of any of the holidays. It's between Halloween and Christmas for winner of cutest pjs but  seriously tell me these are super cute and fun! 

- two - 
After what seemed like a month long back and forth of phone tag, issues with what seem to me like 'silly' rules and a meeting to revise the paper work, Micah is finally getting his speech services. Micah started speech last year with the school where Abby is, doing drop in services twice every 6 day rotation. Well now that he's 5 and eligible for kinder but not in kinder (we chose to send him to the 5 year old preschool class for several reasons - extra time working on his speech being one of them - and then do kinder next year) so he can't be 'dual-enrolled' yet he's not actually enrolled. So they worked around it and will call him home schooled so he can receive speech therapy that way with the school district. This means driving him further to the main office instead of the school where Abby is but he had his first session this week and I really like the therapist that he will see and she seems like she will be better for him than the one who was at Abby's school last year. (She isn't there anymore anyway and they have a new therapist at Abby's school as well) He actually had a one-on-one session instead of a group session so even though it's only once a week so he'll have a few less but it seems like it will be a more productive session so I'm please with how it's set up now that all the silly details have been ironed out. 

- three - 
Abby's next gymnast's meet is in Austin. I can't help but be excited… why? Because Austin seems to have the best restaurants around. Salt Lick, Stubb's BBQ, Moonshine, HopDoddy… seriously I can't decide where to eat! That's just a start of the list of yummy places I've been before not even the places I haven't tried yet. And I don't even know if we'll have a chance to eat there because if the meet runs long we might miss the start of the LSU game before we get home if we stop and eat. Oh decisions, decisions. 

- four - 
On the note of eating…. I better step up my gym workouts because I love food too much to stop eating and our family picture session is in a month! I keep going back and forth on what I want everyone to wear. I'm still really loving the mustard color but we kind of did that last year with along with navy so I want to go away from that. However there are so many cute mustard dress/leggings/ fall outfits out there for the girls. I did get the girls some darling hot pink converse so I'm leaning towards a pink/black/blue/chambray. Seriously my favorite part of family pictures is the putting together of the outfits! 

- five -
I'm looking forward to the cold (cool?) front that's coming through this weekend. Today was a high of 97… not exactly very fall like! But Saturday? We're looking at a high of 82! It was actually cool enough to wear my boots and the girls to wear long sleeves to Church last Sunday and I'm looking forward to maybe another weekend of the same. The boots at least! I texted my mom last Sunday morning asking if boots were appropriate yet in Texas and we decided that if it's under 75 then we are good to go on the boots and mornings will definitely be below 75 but maybe not in the afternoons just yet. 

Happy Friday y'all! Hope it's a great one. Now to get to cleaning so I can start the weekend with a clean slate. Ya know for the 5 minutes it will last with 3 kids (tornados!) and 2 puppies. 

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Lizzie @ This Happy Life said...

Hey there, stopping by from the link up! We have our outdoor family session today and the weather is 39!! Yikes! We went with Navy and yellow this year for our color scheme too :) Your kids are absolutely adorable!!


Penny @ Penny's Passion said...

I love the mustard/navy combo for the pictures! You have an adorable family so I'm sure any color you pick will be wonderful.
Penny @ pennyspassion.blogspot.com

jessica said...

Your color combo idea sounds cute!! Who do y'all usually get to take your pictures! Our session is a month from now and I seeeeriously need to step away from food if I want to feel comfortable in the dress I plan on wearing for it!! :/