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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Carnival

The week of Halloween, during our ladies Bible study classes, our team hosts a fall carnival for all the kids in our care.

That means Batman made a special appearance at Bible class! 

And Princess Anna! 

Seriously though I don't know who between the two of them loves their costume more!  They both were so excited to wear them to Bible class today. Micah's favorite part is the face mask too and wore it a good part of the morning. 

And I'm impressed that I was able to get two tiny braids in Lexie's hair! Add a big gold bow (crown!) on top of her head and she looked darling! 

Both of them had a blast at the carnival. Lexie was constantly clutching onto or checking to make sure her teacher had her bag of prizes and of course her candy!

 She also had fun playing the games as well!

 But I don't know that she liked it as much as Micah. While the rest of his class was all in the bounce house, he was going around playing the games and collecting prizes!

This year the carnival ran quite smoothly and I think all our kids had fun! It was also service project day for the moms so we had a few extra hands to help all of our younger classes around the carnival - which was a great help as well. 

That said - at the end of the morning we were all glad we only do this once a year. More so because this morning also fell on the same day that many of us went back in the evening for the woman's ministry fall dinner to watch the children. We all slept well last night that's for sure! 

However I don't know that I'd change any of it - I love seeing all the kids every week, working with a great team of teachers and team leaders and my littles love going each week! In fact, Lexie asks to go every time we drop Micah off at preschool as well because that's how much she loves going to her Bible Class. 

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