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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Date night: a walk in the park and food trucks!

Last month we were somehow busy both nights our gym offered parents night out, however my mom was sweet enough to agree to put the littles to bed while we went out on a date night when she came into town for Abby's gymnastics meet.

We take an evening walk with the pups as often as we can fit it in before bedtime (because believe me a tired puppy is a good puppy!) So since we were going out and the kids were still going to be at home, we decided to have an active date night and take the pups with us. The park where our gym is has great walking trails and is the perfect spot to go for a nice walk. Now I wouldn't go alone but I feel safe going with Beau or maybe even with Diesel when he's no longer a puppy - during the day light at least.

It's shaded through a good portion of it so it didn't feel too hot in the Texas evening thank goodness! We started off on the paved path for a good while, then when Diesel started to lag a little we were going to turn around. Beau, son of a navigator and Eagle Scout, decided at this point that the non-paved path obviously lead back to the beginning of the trail without having to double back. (This is after pulling up the trail maps on the smart phones and figuring out where we were at - what would we do without technology?)

So off the paved path to follow the path through the grass and rocks…..  

We followed that for a good while until we came to an underpass and were parallel to the paved path we had gotten off of early. We then figured out where we really were. Which (do you see where I'm going here?) was not where Beau thought we were! 

So we turned around and headed the long, long, long way back at that point. Diesel was unimpressed at this point. He's too big to carry and had lost his enthusiasm for the walk at this point. Rhett on the other hand still was still keeping up… mainly because I carried him a good deal of the way. 

Nearing the end of the walk we came upon this pretty overlook area that some others were climbing up. Beau tried to convince me to climb it. I declined. Now I don't mind some adventure but that just seemed like I was asking to sprain an ankle or break a bone! 

At the very end of the walk when we were almost at our car, we came across some deer having an evening snack. They are so used to people walking the trails that only the babies ran back away from the trail as we walked up. The rest…. just stood there and and watched. 

Then we figured by this point we had earned our dinner and hit up the Point Parks and Eat. It was a win because there were plenty of options for picky me and adventurous Beau. I think this is a date we'll definitely do again! Maybe minus the detour? But it added to the adventure and next time I bet Diesel will have more stamina to hold up for a longer walk too. So I guess I'll keep the detour. But I also get to keep my right to say 'I told you so' about the fact that I knew that path wasn't going to lead us where Beau thought it was going to! 

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Colleen Pence said...

Sounds like a perfect, low-key night out. I love that you did that, Katie. When we get a sitter, I always feel such pressure to go out and do some major thing (dinner at a new restaurant, movie, play, concert). But there's definitely an appeal to taking a walk and enjoying some delicious dinner from food trucks. Thanks for the idea!

Traci said...

Love the deer! When we went to Colorado all the animals we saw weren't scared of people either & it was so fun to see them up close.