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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Carnival

The week of Halloween, during our ladies Bible study classes, our team hosts a fall carnival for all the kids in our care.

That means Batman made a special appearance at Bible class! 

And Princess Anna! 

Seriously though I don't know who between the two of them loves their costume more!  They both were so excited to wear them to Bible class today. Micah's favorite part is the face mask too and wore it a good part of the morning. 

And I'm impressed that I was able to get two tiny braids in Lexie's hair! Add a big gold bow (crown!) on top of her head and she looked darling! 

Both of them had a blast at the carnival. Lexie was constantly clutching onto or checking to make sure her teacher had her bag of prizes and of course her candy!

 She also had fun playing the games as well!

 But I don't know that she liked it as much as Micah. While the rest of his class was all in the bounce house, he was going around playing the games and collecting prizes!

This year the carnival ran quite smoothly and I think all our kids had fun! It was also service project day for the moms so we had a few extra hands to help all of our younger classes around the carnival - which was a great help as well. 

That said - at the end of the morning we were all glad we only do this once a year. More so because this morning also fell on the same day that many of us went back in the evening for the woman's ministry fall dinner to watch the children. We all slept well last night that's for sure! 

However I don't know that I'd change any of it - I love seeing all the kids every week, working with a great team of teachers and team leaders and my littles love going each week! In fact, Lexie asks to go every time we drop Micah off at preschool as well because that's how much she loves going to her Bible Class. 

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween PJ party

My middle child - my sweet little guy - loves his bedtime routine and if you miss or try to skip a step he's very quick to call you on it or get upset about it. It starts with reading a book together. Lately the kids have been stuck on Tickle Monster. It used to be the How do Dinosaurs series that he could recite from memory but now all of them can read/recite Tickle Monster from memory and are ready with whatever body part is next to be tickled before the page has even been turned. 

 I put Abby in charge of reading it tonight so I could snap some pictures of their adorable halloween pjs. They all of course got into tickling each other when it came time for the tickles!

Abby and Lexie love that they match and Micah loves his little zombie/ghouls on his pjs. 

Do your littles have a book they get stuck on? And do they love Halloween pjs as much as mine do? 

I'm linking up DarciAshleyNatasha and A.P. for the Halloween Pj Party. Come join in the fun! 

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pumpkin patch 2014

It's October 27th and the weather here is still feeling very far away from fall most days. Over the weekend, it was still hot enough to sweat when standing in the sun waiting to get into Abby's gymnastics meet. Add in that fact that our leaves really don't change here and besides the date there isn't much to make it seem like fall other than the 5 days we get where it might feel like fall. 

I think that's why I love going to the pumpkin patch with the kids so much. It may be just pumpkins place on the ground to look like a 'real' pumpkin patch but it gives our South Texas city a little bit of something to feel fall-ish. 

Since the littles still wake up early weekend Saturday or not, we headed up to the pumpkin patch early so we could get the pretty morning light as well as fit it in before Abby's gymnastics meet. We took an adventure and went to a new-to-us patch across town instead of the one near us. I'm now in love with the location of this one. It gets big bonus points for having no busy road running right next to the pumpkin patch! 
This was a pretty no-frills pumpkin patch but the light was just beautiful and the Church building was also very pretty and I think it's now my favorite for pumpkin patch pictures. Others might have fun extras but this was just perfect for a little mini-photo session with my littles. (And of course picking out a pumpkin to carve!) 

And we can't not get baby pumpkins to bring home as well! This girl just loves anything and everything that's "baby"-sized.

Happy Monday y'all! 

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkin Painting

Saturday morning our plans went out the window with the sudden, much needed and appreciated but plan ruining rain. Since the littles aren't too into Saturday morning sleeping in, that means we needed something to keep busy. So I set them to cleaning up their rooms and the play room. (What an exciting morning right?) Upstairs was clean by 10 am….. and a mess again by 11 am.

To reward them for being cooperative and cleaning this morning, when we were all bummed about not taking Diesel to the dog park, I set about after lunch to put together a little craft for them. So I ran off to Target. (Of course right?) I found a pack of stickers to decorate faces on pumpkins and thought they would love that.  I also picked up the pumpkins at HEB because the Target ones were super tiny. 

Table cloth required because littles are painting! It would wash off but so much easier adding the little bit of protection there. 

Everyone got their own pumpkin and to pick their own paint colors. Micah and Abby picked just about every color I put out minus brown. Lexie only wanted purple (I must have missed getting the pink out or we just didn't have it in the craft box - not sure which because I'm certain there would have been pink on her pumpkin if that had been an option) 
Micah and Abby both choose to do stripes up and down around their pumpkins. Micah in a random pattern. 
Abby did a rainbow around her pumpkin. 
Lexie wasn't satisfied until it was completely purple. Just look at that concentration. 

We stopped and let them dry while we went to Bible class. When we got home I got out the sticker set I had picked up at Target - which was made just for our family because it made 3 faces. They each got to  decide which eyes, mouth and accessories they wanted on their little monster pumpkins. 

 I think Micah might have liked this activity the most!
 He did such a fun job putting together his little horned monster.
 Lexie also did fabulously and loved putting sparkly dots and x's on her purple monster pumpkin.

They were so proud and excited about their pumpkins! 
 But too wiggly to take a picture!

My three little monsters! 
This was seriously such an easy and quick craft to put together (if you don't count the clearing off of the remainder of the groceries that you didn't put away the day before!) Much quicker and less messy than carving a pumpkin but we'll still do that as well at a later date.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday

It's time for Five on Friday again and I'm linking up with darciaprilchristina + natasha again.

1. National Night Out 
Tuesday night was National Night Out. Well, kind of, see everywhere else has NNO in August. Texas well is still HOT in August so in Texas, we celebrate in October. Our neighborhood was supposed to have food, fun, door prizes at the park along with their annual HOA meeting. We rent out house so we weren't part of the HOA and their meeting was supposed to start at 6. So I figured we'd head down to the park around 6:30 and at least take part and meet our neighbors. That's what this is about right? Well at 6:25, someone from the HOA rang the doorbell looking for homeowners and when we walked down to the park they were still looking for homeowners in order to have the number they needed (not many people were there) and since we weren't home owners it felt like we weren't wanted at all to even hang out at the park near the pavilion. Once they knew we weren't homeowners, they didn't say another word to us. Not exactly a fun national night out. I honestly was pretty bummed about it, especially seeing how some other neighborhoods were having a blast. I didn't expect to be invited to the meeting but they weren't very neighborly when they could have been. Note to self: not sure I want to buy a house in this neighborhood.

Did y'all do national night out? How does it work in your neighborhood?

2. Digital homework 
This week Abby's teacher sent home a website and a log-in to do homework on the computer. I can't decide if I like it or not. The first day was a video and one problem and you could write on/work the problem on the iPad. The second day it was a work sheet to download and work. I kept the worksheet up on the computer and had her work it on paper because there is never enough room on the worksheet anyway. I couldn't figure out how the teacher wanted them to turn it in though because there is an option to attach a .jpg (and other formats) but only one so I couldn't do both the front and back of the sheet she did the work on. So I attached one side and had her bring it to turn in.

Then there was a quiz/homework and once you turn it in you can't go back which I kind of object to because you are instantly graded and it's 3rd grade and I feel like you shouldn't be graded on homework like that (though I don't know if that grade will count in her actual class grades or if she'll just get credit for doing it)
Over the summer I had her doing math on the computer but it was a different program since this is through her text book and you could go back and correct and answers and you didn't have to deal with turning in your work via attachments. 

So while I'm on board for digital homework if it makes sense, this one was confusing and with limited information from the teacher on how she wants things done, I'm not loving it.

3. Fits galore 
This girl has been a mess the past couple weeks. As we approach 3, she seems to be advanced in taking on the three-year old attitude and expressing her opinion. She is also increasingly making it known she is my strong-willed child. Two had it's up and downs but it's been pretty smooth the past few months until now. The first massive fit she threw, I was commenting that she doesn't throw them often but when she does, they are massive. Only to be followed up by 4 more of the same magnitude in the next two weeks. They aren't so rare anymore and they are often fairly long with little that distracts her.
How do you handle fits at your house? I haven't been giving in to her fits but that means they aren't over quickly when she isn't distracted and it's wearing on us over here.  

4.  Here's to hoping the LSU has a better weekend than the previous two games. Last night Lexie saw Beau watching Thursday night football and starting cheering for LSU. Only coming out of her mouth it sounds a lot more like "L S Shoot" Based on the last two games I gotta say that's probably not far off. That said we love our Tigers win or lose but it'd be great to see a win this weekend instead of another loss. (Though I'll be content if they can at least pull out a win for the game we are going to BR to see!)

Not a video of last night so it doesn't sound the same here but still cute! 

5. It's Friday and a 3 day weekend! Tonight it's happy hour margaritas (I need one to recover from the tantrums!) Tomorrow probably a trip to the dog park to take the puppies out and maybe we'll throw in a trip to Sea World at some point this weekend.  No pumpkins for us yet - I need to get our fall outfits together for the trip to the pumpkin patch first.

Do you have any good plans for the weekend?

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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Homecoming Mums

It's homecoming season. In Texas, bigger is better and biggest is best. (Total giveaway I'm a mom of a toddler girl right - anyone else bigger out that was from Sofia the First right away?) Seriously though, homecoming always brings up the conversations about the mums. Homecoming mums are no joke around here. If you haven't been around a Texas high school on homecoming weekend, this may not be something you are familiar with. So I'll fill you in.

Back when I was in high school, the boys would their date a giant fake flower mum to wear. At my high school the tradition was usually to wear overalls to be able to hold it up without ruining your shirt. Yes they are that big that a normal shirt wouldn't be able to hold it up.  Then the girls buy their date a garter - a smaller mum they wear on their arm. Some parents would also buy their daughters one even if they didn't have a date to homecoming but not all of them.

I was pretty clueless the first year when we moved to a Texas high school my sophomore year.  I saw the band booster moms table selling them but really couldn't picture the crazy until the day I saw them. The friday before homecoming, our high school was filled with girls and guys wearing mums and overalls (even some of the boys would sport overalls even though it wasn't needed with their mum on their arms.)

The girls that were on drill team or a cheerleader? They'd usually have two - one from their team sister and one from whoever they were going to homecoming with. Try sitting in your desk and doing work while wearing two mums!

Still clueless as to what I'm talking about? Maybe some pictures will help? Finally after a few years of talking about it with friends who had just moved her and were also clueless I dug out my old scrapbooks with pictures of my homecoming mums.

This was junior year. I'm pretty sure right before heading to this football game we had stopped at Wal-mart to buy the car window marker and streamers to decorate this friends truck. This was back when Wal-mart also sold fish and the friend on the far left bought a fish (pretty sure it was a goldfish) and we had a fish hanging out in the car during the football game. It lived for a little while too after that if my memory serves me right. These are both single sized mums.,… with loads of streamers. On the streamers are various options of dangly things which I forget all the options but I know jingle bells and bubbles were a few of the choices along with other various charms to represent what you were into. The on the main flower of the mum - you had the choice of various things including but not limited to a teddy bear.

Then this was senior year. Juniors could have all silver mums if they wanted (or if they guy who purchased it chose that option rather) and seniors could have gold. This mum I had was a triple one. It was heavy! I don't even what to think about how much it cost either with the triple mum and all the goodies it had on it. At least the band had a good fundraiser as probably 75% of the mums purchased at our school were through them. 

Now I'm seeing that the mums aren't staying just for high school homecoming now.  A friend was making some for her younger son's football homecoming. Then our gymnastics team wanted to do mums to wear for the district meet. They are taking over…. run!!! Ha! Okay you don't have to run just be prepared for the crazy! It looks like they've gotten even bigger and electric since I was in high school! Ours were very much personalized and standardized to our school and not much about personal expression like the article mentions some being elsewhere. Now that kind of mum maybe I'd be more behind? Maybe….

Are you ready for homecoming now? I can't even start to imagine what else will get bigger and "better" about homecoming mums between now and when my littles start high school.

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Monday, October 06, 2014

Naptime struggles

The naptime struggles around here have been real y'all. Lexie will be 3 in January and has already decided she doesn't need a nap. She's really great about being quiet and staying in her room. Too bad that backfired on us twice with her getting into sister's stuff. The first was the worst, at least in Abby's opinion with her finding some pez candy Abby had hidden in her nightstand and ate it. 

The second time happened in between times I checked on her as I was peeking in more often after the first 'disaster.' The previous time I'd checked she'd looked nearly asleep but apparently she was just really good at pretending. 

The next time I went back? 

Permanent marker all over the night stand (not a huge deal - it's from Ikea and nothing a little chalk paint won't fix since the magic eraser won't take it off), Abby's bedskirt (again not a huge deal it's old and just plain white, easily replaced especially since it's on my 'dream list' that I want to hopefully be able to redo the girls room in the near-ish future) but she also marked all over her dress she was wearing from Church that day. Thankfully it wasn't a new dress and one from last year but it still fit nicely as did Abby's so they could match. Though this is the first piece of clothing (aside from holes in the knees of jeans) that I think any of them have ruined so I guess this was coming at some point. Now all coloring things I could find have been removed from the room. Hopefully there aren't any others hiding where I couldn't find them.

Last Thursday was our first nap success in a while with her falling asleep less than 20 minutes after I put her in her room. That's pretty good considering she had been holding out for close to an hour and 1/2 some days only to fall asleep right before naptime was over. Which means either I let her sleep later than I like or wake her and have her cranky. What age did your littles give up naps? Both my older two also started to struggle at his age and were doing quiet time instead of naptime at 3. 
She's got her 3 P's here: pink pillow, pink blanket and Pinkalicious (sometimes that's replaced with a Princess book but still a P ;) )
Thankfully last Thursday seems to have been a break through because she also napped Friday, Saturday (in the car), Sunday and Monday! Hallelujah! Of course it's 3:40 and she's still napping today but I didn't put her down until 1:30 and she didn't fall asleep until 2 after looking at a book but I'm not complaining! 

So odds that writing about her recent success will backfire just the way writing about her struggles got her to start napping again? I'm betting I'm pretty much out of luck for a good nap for the rest of the week after that….. 

Happy Monday y'all! And hope your littles took their naps today to get you through this first day of the week!

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