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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Insta-lately catch-up

This summer I've obviously been blogging less while trying to stay off the computer while the kids are awake and entertaining them leaves us exhausted at the end of the day! So much of our has been documented on instgram instead of on the blog. Which leaves me a little sad because most of our past 7 year have been documented on here! So little catch up and moving some instagram 'mini-blogs' over here to the actual blog. 
no sugar bugs at the dentist / Astros vs. Rangers baseball game / made it all the way to the fireworks after the game  

last trip to Aquatica for the summer / Lexie's 4 day fever made for a lazy week / iPad 'to the rescue' entertaining toddlers during a Bibleland team leader meeting 

flat tire meant no Bible class that evening and 2 1/2 hour wait made me grateful for a theater next door with perfect time to finally see How to Train Your Dragon 2 / rewarded with a beautiful sunrise when we had to get up before dawn for Abby's gymnastics meet / exhausted Lexie after not wanting to nap after our first day back to Tuesday morning Bible class 

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