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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

insta-lately: a case of the mondays

So last week was quite the doozy. It felt like a serious "Case of the Mondays." Monday, of course, felt like a Monday with my brain not fully functioning while getting Abby off to school I managed to forget to pack her snack and a spoon in her lunch for her yogurt. This wouldn't have been a huge deal except she barely ate breakfast so I felt bad she didn't have snack either. No worries though I dropped it off at school for her after dropping Micah off a preschool (amazingly very little traffic on the road Monday morning headed to preschool!)  
Tuesday is our busiest day of the week and the day I really 'need' Abby to ride the bus to keep our morning on schedule. We made it out the door for her to catch the bus only to have it pull away from the bus stop 2 minutes early! Eep! Thus began the waking of the little two to drive Abby to school, feed them breakfast, get ready for Bible class, get them ready and out the door to get to Bible class. 

Lexie is in the limbo stage where she still needs a nap but when she does have a nap it makes bedtime more of a struggle. (I'm thinking genetics must play a role here because all three have done this at this same age - not a single one of them loves their naps past the age of 3) So we've come to this happy medium of her having quiet time in the girls bedroom and half the time she falls asleep, the other half she gets books and reads or plays with toys. My rule of thumb is that if she's not making noise that I'm totally aware she's not napping and causing trouble it's an issue…. if I can't hear her and she's not tired and grumpy fighting with Micah then I'm ok if she doesn't nap. Tuesdays after Bible class she usually falls asleep (gosh I'm exhausted after Bible class and want a nap too!) however she tries to fight it and
sleeping late or falling back asleep in the car on the way to take Abby to gymnastics.

Wednesday continued our case of the Mondays with a bus that didn't show! For the first time I sent Abby out to the bus stop and came back inside to pack Micah's lunch and get ready instead of watching until the bus came (there were other parents and lots of kids right down the street) then 15 minutes later Abby came back because the bus hadn't come! Yikes! So drop everything, wake up the little two, and off to drive Abby to school. I saw the bus pass our house when I pulled back into the driveway at 7:44… one minute before school starts. No idea what was the issue there. (Well it wasn't technically their bus - a different bus and driver with a paper in the front window with their bus number) 

I'm happy to finally be back in my gym routine, heading their after dropping Micah off at preschool. Lexie is happy to play with friends and in the treehouse on the way out. The workout felt like work and I didn't feel like continuing for a while but I pushed through and got a decent calorie burn! 

My calorie burn reward? A wonderful Mom's Night out to celebrate Alamo City Mom Blogs first birthday. A fun night at the Children's Museum with other moms, no kids with wine and tasty treats! Plus awesome giveaways and I won a beautiful Kendra Scott necklace that's been on my wish list! 

Thankfully Wednesday turned around and the rest of the week went swimmingly. 

Though this Tuesday tried it's best to throw as many curveballs as possible at us with terrible two fits, exhaustion fits, mommy woke me up because I didn't go to sleep when I was supposed to at naptime fits, and a note saying the bus will now be picking up 15 minutes earlier in the mornings (last time I checked eating breakfast does not require them to be at school at 7 which looks like the time they'll arrive with this new schedule!) 

How's ya'lls week going? Are you already counting down the days to the weekend or enjoying the days of little ones being in school? 

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