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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Five: Fall favs

The weather has been amazing in South Texas this week. Not cool really by any means but a crisp breeze and you don't sweat the minute you go outside. It's actually in the low 80s today (and will likely rain this evening but I'll take it!) It's been perfect for taking the pups on their evening walks since it has to be earlier in the evening now that school is back and we try our best to stick to our bedtime on school nights.

- one - 

LSU football is back! Our last game was hard to watch and had all our hearts racing at the end as we came so close to a miracle come back. Our previous games were a little easier to watch. (In fact I'll admit I got annoyed at the hubs because he was flipping back and forth to closer games since we were up by a fair bit) I'm super excited that we'll actually make it to a game this year (Thanks Pops for letting us have tickets for a game!)
There is also the girly fun part of LSU football - which means game day wear! I just ordered Lexie this awesome gold bow headband. Now I need to find her something cute to wear it with because she's about outgrown her outfits from the past two years (yes she's worn the same thing the past two years my petite princess! Micah wore the same jersey for 4 years - it was huge at first but he's finally outgrown it!)

- two - 
It's not pool season any more and I'm ready start to flat ironing my hair again. It's too much work when we swim so often but now that we aren't swimming anymore I'm trying to plan when I can get another brazilian blowout! I'm really debating cutter it shorter - kind of like this.  It probably wouldn't work that well when curly but as long as it could still be pulled up in a messy bun it would be okay? Maybe? It's been a long time since I've cut my hair besides a trim. (Of course looking at hair cuts on Pinterest makes me think I could seriously use some highlights too..) 

- three - 
Pumpkins! The pumpkin patches are opening this weekend! I can't wait to get our halloween outfits together and take the kids for our annual pumpkin patch picture.   Alamo City Mom Blogs has a list of most of the pumpkin patches in SA if you need help finding one! 

Lexie and I think this is of course the best kind of pumpkin that comes back in the fall - mellowcreme pumpkins. Though I do love a good pumpkin bar (with cream cheese frosting of course) and I think I want to try out the pumpkin spice chai latte recipes I've seen on Pinterest. 

- four - 
Boots! I'm so ready for boot season! Is 81 degrees too warm to wear boots because I'm ready to pull mine out and wear them again! 

Of course the girls have outgrown their boots from last year but they really loved them so I've been looking for boots for them. Abby is adamant that she doesn't want the 'same' ones as last year so that rules out pretty much any brown cowboy boot because those are all too similar to her. And Lexie loves pink… and only pink. She wouldn't try on the brown boots at the store only the pink ones. Ha! I'm sure once home and forgotten about she'd wear the brown no problem because she'll wear her brown shoes but she's also become stubborn lately. I think we've found some riding boots for Abby though so that might solve one 'problem.' 

- five - 
I may be the only one but I'm excited the fall shows are all back! I know other mamas understand that we need some downtime after the littles are in bed and I'm thrilled I can now throw my feet up, eat some bon bons (okay not really) and watch some good tv before bed! 

Now to get ready for a girls night out! Happy Friday everyone - hope ya'll have a great weekend. 

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1 comment :

Traci said...

Love that gold bow!! I'm excited about the fall shows too.