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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First days of school 2014

*cough* *cough* Pardon me while I attempt to dust off this little blog here….. Man three kids and plus pups, summer and getting into a school routine sure did kick my rear end… or at least put the blog on the back burner. 

Oh man is it really the beginning of week three of this school year? Wow the past two weeks flew by! 

Abby started 3rd grade this year. She is thrilled her best friend from across the street is in her class along with another friend who also lives nearby. Let's just hope that doesn't get her into trouble - as Abby likes to chat ;) So far so good though. 
3rd grade means she's an 'intermediate' student according to the 3rd grade teachers. (I think that's how they put it at least) Which so far to me, only means the teachers are communicating less. Not sure how I feel about that. 3rd grade and up have planners that they write in at the end of the day regarding what they did that day to keep us informed and so the newsletters are less informative.  I'm a little wary but giving it time to see how this goes… 

Micah is returning to preschool instead of kinder this year. We just felt he'd really benefit from that extra year without all the kinder pressure. (Despite what Abby's school thought when they called the first day asking where Micah was since the papers the speech teacher had me fill out registered him for kinder even though I told her that he wasn't going to go this year) 
Micah was beyond ready for school to start though as he had to wait a week and 1/2 later than Abby started and he would ask every morning if he was going to school too. Mostly though that was in regards to what he could wear since I separated out his school clothes from play clothes. He is in the 5s Zany Zebra class and I know it's going to be a good year for him. 

And Lexie? She gets one more year at home with me then she'll go to preschool where Micah is know because she's ready and if I put her in the 3s class instead of waiting for the 4s I won't have to camp out for her spot since Micah is currently there. :) 

She does however go to Bible class with me every Tuesday morning so that will be her "first day" photo. Oh my goodness I think she has grown the most in the past year. Or maybe it's the lack of a sweet smocked dress? Now she really looks like a big girl here and not my tiny baby anymore. Cue sad mama tears! 

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1 comment :

Traci said...

They're adorable! Micah has really changed a lot I think. He looks more like a little boy than a baby! So cute!