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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Five: Fall favs

The weather has been amazing in South Texas this week. Not cool really by any means but a crisp breeze and you don't sweat the minute you go outside. It's actually in the low 80s today (and will likely rain this evening but I'll take it!) It's been perfect for taking the pups on their evening walks since it has to be earlier in the evening now that school is back and we try our best to stick to our bedtime on school nights.

- one - 

LSU football is back! Our last game was hard to watch and had all our hearts racing at the end as we came so close to a miracle come back. Our previous games were a little easier to watch. (In fact I'll admit I got annoyed at the hubs because he was flipping back and forth to closer games since we were up by a fair bit) I'm super excited that we'll actually make it to a game this year (Thanks Pops for letting us have tickets for a game!)
There is also the girly fun part of LSU football - which means game day wear! I just ordered Lexie this awesome gold bow headband. Now I need to find her something cute to wear it with because she's about outgrown her outfits from the past two years (yes she's worn the same thing the past two years my petite princess! Micah wore the same jersey for 4 years - it was huge at first but he's finally outgrown it!)

- two - 
It's not pool season any more and I'm ready start to flat ironing my hair again. It's too much work when we swim so often but now that we aren't swimming anymore I'm trying to plan when I can get another brazilian blowout! I'm really debating cutter it shorter - kind of like this.  It probably wouldn't work that well when curly but as long as it could still be pulled up in a messy bun it would be okay? Maybe? It's been a long time since I've cut my hair besides a trim. (Of course looking at hair cuts on Pinterest makes me think I could seriously use some highlights too..) 

- three - 
Pumpkins! The pumpkin patches are opening this weekend! I can't wait to get our halloween outfits together and take the kids for our annual pumpkin patch picture.   Alamo City Mom Blogs has a list of most of the pumpkin patches in SA if you need help finding one! 

Lexie and I think this is of course the best kind of pumpkin that comes back in the fall - mellowcreme pumpkins. Though I do love a good pumpkin bar (with cream cheese frosting of course) and I think I want to try out the pumpkin spice chai latte recipes I've seen on Pinterest. 

- four - 
Boots! I'm so ready for boot season! Is 81 degrees too warm to wear boots because I'm ready to pull mine out and wear them again! 

Of course the girls have outgrown their boots from last year but they really loved them so I've been looking for boots for them. Abby is adamant that she doesn't want the 'same' ones as last year so that rules out pretty much any brown cowboy boot because those are all too similar to her. And Lexie loves pink… and only pink. She wouldn't try on the brown boots at the store only the pink ones. Ha! I'm sure once home and forgotten about she'd wear the brown no problem because she'll wear her brown shoes but she's also become stubborn lately. I think we've found some riding boots for Abby though so that might solve one 'problem.' 

- five - 
I may be the only one but I'm excited the fall shows are all back! I know other mamas understand that we need some downtime after the littles are in bed and I'm thrilled I can now throw my feet up, eat some bon bons (okay not really) and watch some good tv before bed! 

Now to get ready for a girls night out! Happy Friday everyone - hope ya'll have a great weekend. 

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

insta-lately: a case of the mondays

So last week was quite the doozy. It felt like a serious "Case of the Mondays." Monday, of course, felt like a Monday with my brain not fully functioning while getting Abby off to school I managed to forget to pack her snack and a spoon in her lunch for her yogurt. This wouldn't have been a huge deal except she barely ate breakfast so I felt bad she didn't have snack either. No worries though I dropped it off at school for her after dropping Micah off a preschool (amazingly very little traffic on the road Monday morning headed to preschool!)  
Tuesday is our busiest day of the week and the day I really 'need' Abby to ride the bus to keep our morning on schedule. We made it out the door for her to catch the bus only to have it pull away from the bus stop 2 minutes early! Eep! Thus began the waking of the little two to drive Abby to school, feed them breakfast, get ready for Bible class, get them ready and out the door to get to Bible class. 

Lexie is in the limbo stage where she still needs a nap but when she does have a nap it makes bedtime more of a struggle. (I'm thinking genetics must play a role here because all three have done this at this same age - not a single one of them loves their naps past the age of 3) So we've come to this happy medium of her having quiet time in the girls bedroom and half the time she falls asleep, the other half she gets books and reads or plays with toys. My rule of thumb is that if she's not making noise that I'm totally aware she's not napping and causing trouble it's an issue…. if I can't hear her and she's not tired and grumpy fighting with Micah then I'm ok if she doesn't nap. Tuesdays after Bible class she usually falls asleep (gosh I'm exhausted after Bible class and want a nap too!) however she tries to fight it and
sleeping late or falling back asleep in the car on the way to take Abby to gymnastics.

Wednesday continued our case of the Mondays with a bus that didn't show! For the first time I sent Abby out to the bus stop and came back inside to pack Micah's lunch and get ready instead of watching until the bus came (there were other parents and lots of kids right down the street) then 15 minutes later Abby came back because the bus hadn't come! Yikes! So drop everything, wake up the little two, and off to drive Abby to school. I saw the bus pass our house when I pulled back into the driveway at 7:44… one minute before school starts. No idea what was the issue there. (Well it wasn't technically their bus - a different bus and driver with a paper in the front window with their bus number) 

I'm happy to finally be back in my gym routine, heading their after dropping Micah off at preschool. Lexie is happy to play with friends and in the treehouse on the way out. The workout felt like work and I didn't feel like continuing for a while but I pushed through and got a decent calorie burn! 

My calorie burn reward? A wonderful Mom's Night out to celebrate Alamo City Mom Blogs first birthday. A fun night at the Children's Museum with other moms, no kids with wine and tasty treats! Plus awesome giveaways and I won a beautiful Kendra Scott necklace that's been on my wish list! 

Thankfully Wednesday turned around and the rest of the week went swimmingly. 

Though this Tuesday tried it's best to throw as many curveballs as possible at us with terrible two fits, exhaustion fits, mommy woke me up because I didn't go to sleep when I was supposed to at naptime fits, and a note saying the bus will now be picking up 15 minutes earlier in the mornings (last time I checked eating breakfast does not require them to be at school at 7 which looks like the time they'll arrive with this new schedule!) 

How's ya'lls week going? Are you already counting down the days to the weekend or enjoying the days of little ones being in school? 

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Insta-lately catch-up

This summer I've obviously been blogging less while trying to stay off the computer while the kids are awake and entertaining them leaves us exhausted at the end of the day! So much of our has been documented on instgram instead of on the blog. Which leaves me a little sad because most of our past 7 year have been documented on here! So little catch up and moving some instagram 'mini-blogs' over here to the actual blog. 
no sugar bugs at the dentist / Astros vs. Rangers baseball game / made it all the way to the fireworks after the game  

last trip to Aquatica for the summer / Lexie's 4 day fever made for a lazy week / iPad 'to the rescue' entertaining toddlers during a Bibleland team leader meeting 

flat tire meant no Bible class that evening and 2 1/2 hour wait made me grateful for a theater next door with perfect time to finally see How to Train Your Dragon 2 / rewarded with a beautiful sunrise when we had to get up before dawn for Abby's gymnastics meet / exhausted Lexie after not wanting to nap after our first day back to Tuesday morning Bible class 

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First days of school 2014

*cough* *cough* Pardon me while I attempt to dust off this little blog here….. Man three kids and plus pups, summer and getting into a school routine sure did kick my rear end… or at least put the blog on the back burner. 

Oh man is it really the beginning of week three of this school year? Wow the past two weeks flew by! 

Abby started 3rd grade this year. She is thrilled her best friend from across the street is in her class along with another friend who also lives nearby. Let's just hope that doesn't get her into trouble - as Abby likes to chat ;) So far so good though. 
3rd grade means she's an 'intermediate' student according to the 3rd grade teachers. (I think that's how they put it at least) Which so far to me, only means the teachers are communicating less. Not sure how I feel about that. 3rd grade and up have planners that they write in at the end of the day regarding what they did that day to keep us informed and so the newsletters are less informative.  I'm a little wary but giving it time to see how this goes… 

Micah is returning to preschool instead of kinder this year. We just felt he'd really benefit from that extra year without all the kinder pressure. (Despite what Abby's school thought when they called the first day asking where Micah was since the papers the speech teacher had me fill out registered him for kinder even though I told her that he wasn't going to go this year) 
Micah was beyond ready for school to start though as he had to wait a week and 1/2 later than Abby started and he would ask every morning if he was going to school too. Mostly though that was in regards to what he could wear since I separated out his school clothes from play clothes. He is in the 5s Zany Zebra class and I know it's going to be a good year for him. 

And Lexie? She gets one more year at home with me then she'll go to preschool where Micah is know because she's ready and if I put her in the 3s class instead of waiting for the 4s I won't have to camp out for her spot since Micah is currently there. :) 

She does however go to Bible class with me every Tuesday morning so that will be her "first day" photo. Oh my goodness I think she has grown the most in the past year. Or maybe it's the lack of a sweet smocked dress? Now she really looks like a big girl here and not my tiny baby anymore. Cue sad mama tears! 

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