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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Sand crab catching

Most of our beach vacation consists of building sand castles, bobbing in the water and just enjoying the beach. We don't usually go out and do the other 'touristy' things around to do because we'd rather enjoy the beach.  Ya'll should all know by know that my kids love catching little critters - at Gigi's house this summer it was frogs. At the beach - it's tiny sand crabs. 

After dinner and the sun started to set we headed out to the beach. 
 Flash lights are extremely helpful for this adventure - but the flashlights on the iPhones also work well - just don't drop it in the water!
 Once it's dark the little tiny crabs start to come out and crawl on the beach. If you are quick you can scoop them right up. Some folks bring buckets and catch a bunch but we just really wanted to see them.
 Abby was quickly a pro at scooping up the sand to catch the little crab in her hand.
 They were tiny little things - this little guy was hardly bigger than the tip of Abby's finger.
 We caught and let go quite a few different little crabs on our walk around the beach.
If you bring a bucket you'll also need a net of some sort for a lid because they can crawl out, but you can just hold them carefully in your hands. Though you have to close your hand quickly and don't leave too big a hole because they'll crawl or fall right out!

What are your favorite things to do on the beach? If you go to the beach, do you stay and just hit the beach or do you venture out and do other things as well? 

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1 comment :

Jennifer @ Geek Chic Mama said...

What fun! We haven't had the little one out to the beach yet but might sometime this winter if the weather is mild. I look forward to our own crabtastic adventures someday :)