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Monday, August 04, 2014

Beach week!

Sand in our toes, a nice salty beach air blowing in our hair. I've missed this place as we skipped last year! We arrived at the beach on Saturday and have been enjoying the sand and the waves ever since. Who needs any of the other places to see in Destin when you have the beach practically out the front door? 

Day one was a little cool in the morning with cloud cover but that didn't stop Abby and Micah from playing in the water. Lexie was content as could be to dig in the sand until it warmed up. 
The water here is absolutely beautiful! In previous years there has been a sandbar further out into the water that you had to swim out to get to, this year it's in nice and close so Micah and Lexie have lots of room to play before the water is too deep. 
A favorite activity is of course castle building - or in Abby's case hermit-crab home building. The soft white sand is of course perfect for this. Between the clear water and the super soft sand - it's the reason we drive so far to the beach instead of hitting a beach closer to home. 
 (Is Coppertone looking for a new model? I think Micah would excel at that gig!) 
 Sandy baby toes - so sweet. Lexie was tentative at first but today she really love the sand and the water.
So far the water has been super calm as well - great for playing, floating and splashing around in. Especially for Lexie who isn't as comfortable getting her face splashed. 

Abby worked so hard at building her hermit crab home that she didn't even notice the sand on her nose. 

And what better what to protect sweet baby cheeks than a bonnet? And check out those sweet beach curls! 
 Lexie of course loves the beach snacks as well ;)
Happy Monday ya'll. I hope your week started off as well as ours. We'll be here enjoying the sand, surf and time with Gigi and Pops. :) 

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Debi @MomOnMars said...

What beach are you on? It looks beautiful. Our favorite spot is St. Joe's Island.

Traci said...

How sweet she looks in that bonnet!