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Monday, August 18, 2014

Abby's first gymnastics meet

Way back when Abby was 4 she played one summer of soccer. She had fun but it was hot, she got bored… pretty typical for a 4 year old. We took a break until kinder year and then we enrolled her in a rec gymnastics class. Well a year and 1/2 later she was invited to try out and join the team when she takes gymnastics. So for the last several months she's been loving learning new skills that she didn't do in the rec classes and routines for the different skills. I never thought I'd be diving into the world of gymnastics. I always envisioned having the girls do ballet like I had but Abby just didn't seem to enjoy it as much because she'd rather be bouncing around when we did the Ballet Gloria up at our Church. 

This past weekend we finally got a chance to see all that Abby's been working on with her very first gymnastics meet. It was an early morning (and a long day with my other obligations!) and we arrived at the meet a little after 8am. Warm-ups started at 9. She looked all grown up and not a baby any more in her team gear and her hair all pulled back. (Thanks for another mom her braid looked much better than when I usually do it for mock meets!) 
 Her squad was first on bars and I was so proud of Abby - she did fantastic!

 Then beam - not her strongest event but she still did great!
 And vault.
 Everyone got a goodie bag and medal in addition to their achievement ribbons based on their scores.
 Abby was so excited a couple of the senior girls whom Abby LOVES came to watch them.
 And now to do it all again this weekend for meet #2.

I'm so happy Abby has found something she really enjoys doing and such a supportive team. It seems like the girls all enjoy each others company and especially how the big girls seem to look after the littles.

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Lisa Branam @ A Little Slice of Life said...

How fun! I'm not ready for Little Man to join a sport because I personally don't want the commitment yet.

Traci said...

She looks adorable! It always amazes me how those girls can do all of that stuff. I can't even do a cartwheel!