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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Abby turns 8

Wait hold up… no way is my first baby just turned 8. I tried to tell her she couldn't get any older but she wouldn't believe me. As the littles and I are heading off to the beach (yes!!!) we celebrated Abby's birthday as a family a couple days early since Beau has work obligations and won't be joining us.

Per our tradition Abby picked what she wanted us to have for dinner - her choice: spaghetti and meatballs. Then we celebrated with a cake of her choosing. She wanted a cookie cake - but not just one cookie cake - one for at home and one to bring to celebrate with her team at gymnastics practice tomorrow. After dinner, we sang happy birthday to Abby and she blew out her candles. 

(Please ignore the clutter on the counters - as we are heading out I try to leave 'man food' with easy access so there is no question about what easy meal options there are - overboard? Maybe but it makes it simple for him as he would rather not have to search for what is easy to cook when we are away even though he probably does cook more meals when he is home in time to cook) 

And of course there were presents. I think from the look on her face that she was maybe a little bit excited about this present. (Daddy was too by the way!) 
 She received her first Pokemon DS game for her gameboy. Oh boy…. I really don't get where the fascination came from and it came on quickly but man they love Pokemon lately.

Then we headed out for our evening walk with Diesel and of course the kids immediately asked (as is their usual habit) to get their scooters. Waiting in the garage was Abby's last present…. a new electric scooter.  
Oh man she was thrilled! (And super silly about it!) 
It almost goes with out saying that our evening walk went a little faster! Micah did amazing at keeping up with her for not having a motor on his scooter! I'm thinking from the looks on her face that she had a great birthday. I still can't believe she is already  8. 

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1 comment :

SensiblySara said...

Happy birthday, Abby!!

My boys have been SO into Pokemon. I could poke my eyeballs out. ;)