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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Royal Canvas

A couple weeks ago, a friend from our Church had taken her girls to paint at The Royal Canvas and mentioned there was a groupon out for it. My littles love doing art projects but I haven't been as good at getting the art supplies out lately as I had been in the past so I knew they'd love this. I browsed the list of classes  and decided on what week I thought both kids would like painting they were doing. I love that they offer both a 4-6 and a 7-12 age group class at the same time. I've seen other kids painting classes else where they had both age groups but they were at very different times and discouraged bringing a child that wasn't painting along. For me that would be complicated to work out two different times to bring only one child so being able to bring both at the same time was a big plus! 

I didn't realize quite how far across town it was from us as I don't venture across town that often so we arrived 5 minutes late but the instructors were so nice and helped get the kids set up and painting with their classes in no time.  

The instructors take it step by step and show the kids where and with what color to outline each thing as they go and they trace along the pencil lines that are already drawn on the canvas. They add the colors of paint to the plates as they go so the kids aren't overwhelmed by colors either. In Abby's they even blended a couple colors to create some shading/highlights. 

Micah was done in just a little over an hour and Abby's class took the whole hour and 1/2 but Micah didn't mind waiting too much.
Both kids were so happy with their paintings they made! I just got an email this week saying it's groupon time again (the one I got was an older one) which means I can score another one and take the kids again when I find another weekend that works with paintings both kids will enjoy. I think this time I might get groupon for myself as well. I've never done the painting studio thing before but I after seeing how step by step they go with the kids I'm thinking maybe just maybe I could manage to make one look decent.
I was super pleased with the instructors at The Royal Canvas and the overall experience. The littles are loving having their canvas paintings art hanging in their rooms! 

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Colleen Pence said...

We had my daughter's 8th birthday party there and the kids LOVED it. What a neat place. :)

Unknown said...

We love The Royal Canvas! Our kids went once and had a great time!