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Monday, July 28, 2014

Nature Walk

Gigi and Pops seem to have a theme going with their neighborhoods. They know how much Abby loves alligators so they seem to choose places with ponds that have alligators in them. Ha! Okay maybe not but they again have alligators in their pond even though they aren't in Louisina living off the ship canal anymore.
While we were visiting, we of course took an evening to head out on a nature walk                                                to the new boardwalks in the neighborhood. Looking for both more of the larger frogs and trying to spot the alligator.  We immediately spotted lots of ducks sitting on the boardwalk. 

There were lots of different overlooks to walk between and see all the animals and the alligator in the pond. Notice Micah has his frog catcher at the ready. 
We were able to spot the alligator pretty quickly! He was a little tricky to see since he was far away and his head was hiding in the reeds but we were able to see him for a minute. Abby has her frog catcher as well.
We walked on down to see if we could spot him better from the second overlook.
We weren't able to see him any better from the second one but we were able to see some more ducks.
On our way back we also spotted a nest hiding in the grass. Duck? Snake? Turtle? I'm not sure… maybe I should ask google? There were baby ducks around so we are thinking probably a duck nest.
There was a contest going on for best family photo on the boardwalk…. think this is a winner? Ha! They were too busy wanting to search for frogs to look at me!
Other than mosquitos it was a nice little nature walk with lots of animals seen and the nest. 

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