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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Dinosaur George

If you are local and have ever watched PBS then I'm sure you've heard of Dinosaur George. He made the rounds of many elementary schools last year and Abby was able to see him when he was at her school. Micah however was not able to see him and so I was thrilled when I saw he was going to be at the libraries for the summer reading programs.

We got there about 20 minutes early thinking we'd check out books beforehand but there was already a fairly large group waiting so we went ahead and got a place on the floor so Micah would be able to see and not be stuck in the back. (Lexie didn't like this plan too much but thankfully I had a few snacks snuck away in my bag to pass the time)

Micah found the whole show hilarious and awesome (his new favorite word after watching the Lego movie!) He really enjoyed when Dinosaur George was pulling out the claws (forgive me that may not be correct dinosaur terminology) and went from smallest and kept saying that was the largest until 10 later he pulled out a really giant one. 

Micah also enjoy the tiny little dinosaur head that he showed them.
After the presentation we were able to look at all the fossils he had brought with him and the kids were given a card with information about Dinosaur George on it. 

I loved that the librarians had pulled dinosaur books on a cart for kids to look through if they wanted to read more about dinosaurs. Micah loved checking out some dino books after the show was over! 
It was the perfect activity for my dino loving little guy. Sadly I think Dinosaur George has finished all the library shows he was doing this summer but if he does a show near you then I'd say you should go check it out if your little loves dinos like mine does.  There are still several other library shows that are still going on too that your littles might enjoy. 

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1 comment :

Unknown said...

That sounds like fun! Addie isn't into dinosaurs yet very much--I remember that fascination kicked in around late elementary school for me!