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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Diesel the Daniff

Losing Honey was hard… for Beau and I she'd been with us for a long time - since before we were married. The kids had never known not having a dog. Even when Honey wasn't playful, she was there for a good cuddle or being near by while the kids were playing outside. One of the first things out of Abby's mouth after hearing the news about Honey, "was when can we get another puppy?" (But that's not totally new as she would ask about getting a new puppy before that and any time we would see pet adoptions) Beau didn't think he was ready but the home sure felt empty.  I, meanwhile, was contemplating something different, a lapdog that could easily travel with us, live inside without taking up half the room.

Then the neighbor came home from his friends with a litter of Great Dane/Mastiff pups. He knowing the news about our mastiff and Beau's feelings on big dogs - of course texted Beau about them.  Beau woke me up from naptime (yes I took a nap with Lexie since Beau was working from home) holding a little ball of fluff. Well little is a relative term here I supposed.  (My aunt nearly nailed in on the head pointing out a Cavalier telling my mom that's what I would want but Beau wouldn't go for it as he would want a big dog)

And thus we had a new member of the family. Meet Diesel the Daniff.

He's a clutzy, handful of a pup but the kids and Beau love him regardless. He's not a huge fan of car rides but we've taken him to the dog park and Petsmart a couple times for socialization.
 Daddy let him get up on the couch… Mean mommy put a stop on this - dogs who are going to be bigger than me don't get to take up residence on the couch! Check out those paws! He'll be bigger than Micah by the end of the month for sure!

He's now 14 weeks old and probably about 25 lbs. (Update: He was 31lbs at his last appt) He's going to be a huge! The first picture up top was the week we got him and this is this week. He's already over doubled in size.

He's a goofball, with spurts of energy but still many naps as he's growing so much. He is growing so much we can't get him to look like he has any meat on his bones because he gets bigger before he can get fatter. He likes to play 'soccer,' and sometimes fetch, treats (especially puppy ice cream) and is building up some stamina to make it on a walk around the block. The first walk he wound up in the bottom of the stroller because he got tired and it was only a mile loop or so.

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Zanymomintx said...

Diesel is beyond adorable and looks like a special addition to your family. Lucky you, lucky dog, I'm excited to see his adventures and he continues to grow.

Taylor Jeavons said...

Sweet baby jesus what a cutie patootie! I have been begging the man for a dog, specifically a big dog. But the answer has been no so far. Guess I'll have to live my puppy dreams vicariously through you :-P

Unknown said...

He is the cutest! He will be a big dog but also seems to love to cuddle!

Patti said...

Lawsy, who wouldn't fall in love with this pup?! Y'all are going to have a great life with him and he with you.

Colleen Pence said...

I'm sorry about your loss of Honey. But your new pup looks to be full of energy and love.

Traci said...

How cute! Love his ears. I can just picture him in the stroller. Too funny!