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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spa Girl Tri

Mother's Day weekend I ran my first triathlon since high school (and those were mandatory as part of the swim team final.) I had gotten pretty excited for it…. I even ran to train for it (on the treadmill because hello free childcare at the gym vs. pushing a stroller outside!)  Because I was going to earn my mimosa! Isn't that why we do these races? For the drinks at the end right? 99% of my training was indoors aside from the one bike ride I did with Lexie in the trailer, and two swim sessions over spring break. Former high school swimmer so the swim didn't worry me - I knew I could knock that out…. I mean it was a 400 in a lazy river. 

Back to the beginning about a year ago my friend Ashley had mentioned something about seeing a triathlon at a local hotel/resort and that's the kind of triathlon she'd be interest in doing. I though hey I'm game for that! My mom was starting to bike with my dad and training with a personal trainer so I thought hey we've got this! So eventually with like 10 spots left we all signed up and committed to the race. 

The weekend rolls around and we were all up before dawn… 4am ya'll (big giant yawn!) to get to the resort (next year we are springing for a room!) We opted to rack our bikes in the morning instead of the night before so they wouldn't be in the rain storm the night before. My brother was very nice to lend me his super nice bike rather than ride my non-racing bike.  

We get there, get marked, chips on, gear ready and around 6:30 we get in our swim groups - which was supposed to be by time but turns out walking gets through the lazy river about as fast as swimming! 

400 meter swim, 10 mile bike and a 2 mile run…. I knew the swim I could do no sweat… the bike I could do as I'd done a 14 mile and a 25 mile in the past and this was very flat compared to the 25 mile ride. However I'm not a runner which was the appeal of this race since it was only two miles. Turns out I'm 99% certain it wasn't even 2 miles because my time was 4 minutes faster than my fastest 2 miles even with walking all the hills as to not fall up or down them.  

I made pretty much all my goals I had for my first race in over 10 years - 1) finish  2) finish in under an hour 1/2 (I really had no real clue how long it would take me but I knew I could do the swim in about 7 minutes, bike in under an hour and the run in under 30…. so that was my goal)  Next year I'm aiming to cut that by hopefully minimum 10 minutes because I feel like I could have pushed harder knowing the run wasn't as long and hard as I thought it would be and I can cut time out of my transition times as well. 

It was a great experience and I'm exited to do it again next year… and it was fun to do the race on Mother's day with my mom. Plus we earned our pretty medals and a yummy snack afterwards! 

Now does it compare to my brother doing his ironman… nope but I'm not that crazy! Ha! He can call it the mani, pedi, facial tri all he wants but it was fun. :) 

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1 comment :

Traci said...

I first heard about this from a friend a couple of weeks ago & we're talking about doing the one near Austin in Sept. Someone said mani & pedi's are included in your registration. Is that true?? I'm doing my first triathlon in July. It's not an ironman or any of that craziness. Just a 200 yard swim, 12 mile bike ride & 2 mi. run. The swim has me most nervous.