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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day weekend: post Spa Girl

My Spa Girl tri that I ran in was also on Mother's Day weekend. Immediately post-tri and mimosas along with some fruit and cupcakes we headed out to catch Micah's t-ball game. Daddy had both girls and was helping Micah so when we got there the girls were already munching down snowcones. Lexie was pretty cute sharing hers (along with dripping it all over!) 

We had a yummy lunch at Burgerfi after the game and then it was naptime. After naptime, Gigi and Pops headed home and Daddy had to head to work. We headed outside to wear everyone out so they'd go to bed easily - I was ready for bed at this point after being up since 4 am!

The next morning the littles were so excited to give me the presents they had made at school. Micah made me a heart collage on canvas with paper and buttons along with a flower pot with coupons. Abby drew me a pretty picture on a tile for a coaster. I love them both so much! 
Beau brought home a lovely purple hydrangea plant. I'm sad to say I did not inherit my Dad's side of the families green thumb because despite regular water and such I still managed to kill it with in a few weeks. 

 Then we headed to Church and our annual Mother's Day picture. Our Church honors the moms by having volunteers ready to take family pictures, realizing that often the mom is the one behind the camera and not in front of it. Previous years can be seen here - all the way back to when Micah was a teeny tiny 5 day old babe.

After lunch and naptime we continued our Sunday afternoon habit of staying at the pool from post-nap to closing (not really that long since it closes at 5) It was a little chilly but not too bad. 

Then we ended the day with dessert from the cake that Abby decorated at school. It was pretty tasty! 

Hope your Mother's Day was a wonderful as mine. A great Mother's day weekend spent with those that matter most just enjoying each others company. Nothing out of the ordinary but still sweet and special all the same. 

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