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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Micah's Dragon Party

Micah's birthday just snuck up on me this year with a busier than normal April. Since my parents and brother were going to be in town for Mother's day weekend and it was the weekend after Micah's birthday, I decided to go ahead and try and make myself crazy by having his birthday party on the same weekend as Mother's Day and my first triathlon since high school. (Talk about cramming it all in!) 

I went pretty low key and unlike my usual self - I failed at documenting his party in pictures - he did had a blast though. Due to the weather (what?! it's not often here we have things cancelled due to rain) the threat of storms cancelled the bounce house (and it was clear and beautiful about 15 minutes after the scheduled time they would have dropped it off!) so we went with the back up plan of having the movie How To Train Your Dragon. 

Beau grilled up hot dogs and sausage along with grapes (dragon eggs), chips and salsa, and cheetos.
 Jeremy's friend made adorable dragon cookies for Micah's party! They were a huge hit and so darling! (Beau says I'm replaced as hers were better than mine - ha!)
 I cut shields out of foam board and had crayons and markers to decorate the shields along with die cut dragons once the silhouette decided to cooperate.
 After eating and the piƱata, everyone played outside for a few minutes then it was time for cupcakes and presents.

Despite the weather changing our plans and not getting as elaborate as I usually do I think this was one of the more low key but relaxing parties I've done in a while. Micah was just thrilled to see his friends at his house. (He's already wanting his best friend to come back and play again)  I might start to take this route in the future. I think Abby has decided she wants to do her party somewhere other than home which will be a first for us. So we'll see how that goes and I guess I better book that soon to have the date we want.

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