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Wednesday, May 07, 2014


It's been a while since I've done one of these but I love documenting our little every day moments and having them on the blog to look back on. 

Lexie goes to sleep in her own bed but in the wee hours of the morning she comes into our room, carrying her pillow (well now Abby's pillow because she sweet talked her big sister into switching pillows - what a great big sis!) blanket and as many toys as she can carry - in this case Sophia and Rapunzel.  The last Saturday morning I had gotten up to go to the parade with Abby and after I had gotten ready I saw that she had really spread out and taken up as much as the bed as her little self could manage. 
Monday was Micah's 5th birthday and for the afternoon he choose to go swimming since the pool had just opened for the season the day before. It was mighty chilly but that didn't stop them. Abby and Micah jumped right in and started swimming but Alexis took a while to warm up to the water. However Micah was the first one to cave to the cold (well he also has no meat on his bones to keep him warm) but he was content to play from the side. I know we'll be spending a lot of our summer here! 

Micah is really into Legos right now. He's pretty good at the building part already and does a good job of following the directions to put them together (with help and a little guidance but I'm impressed!) We just need work on remembering they aren't as durable as regular toys. We've had to rebuild the sets a few times. I love that it gives us some great one-on-one time as we build them together. 
Lexie was just a little off today. She was coughing and had some extra drainage (sorry!) and was easily upset and more quiet than normal today. Poor baby just needed a down day. I caught a sweet moment while she was watching a show while I cleaned up. (I had high hopes of participating in screen free week this week but alas this was the only way she wasn't clinging onto me while I was trying to clean up.) Where did my baby girl go? She looks like such a little girl here. 
For birthdays I let them pick what they want for dinner. Micah flipped back and forth between ribs and spaghetti and meatballs (with sister's influence) so we did both over the course of a few days. Ribs are also always great for yummy leftovers when I don't feel like cooking a few days later. The kids love them because they get 'bones.'

So what have you been up to lately? 

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